Complete on-site rebuild and retrofitting capabilities allow for quick process modifications that translate into time and money saved in the long run. Mobile testing professionals will be available for testing and proposing a solution while on-site.

Capable of modifying our systems or those of the competition we can provide timely delivery and optimal performance at minimum costs.

  • Burner retrofits
  • Insulation replacement or repair
  • Re-piping or wiring
  • Logic and control updates
  • Complete verification of electrical wiring
  • Motor amperage readings
  • Air Flow verification for cold and operating conditions
  • Pressure readings
  • Heat transfer effectiveness
  • Functionality of all components
  • Fuel consumption rates
  • Instrument calibration and programming
  • PLC logic verification
  • Emission measuring: NOx, VOC, and Particulates
Air pollution control equipment rebuild
Heat treating oven rebuild
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