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PATENT NO. 4322203

Industrial Pipe Burnout Oven With Pollution Control

This patent was developed for the pipe coating industry for a major pipe coater, and represents air pollution compliance and unprecedented heat recovery for maximizing fuel savings. This pioneering technology, for the Pipe Burnout Oven revolutionized the Pipe Coating industry .
PATENT NO. 4242084

Air Pollution Control and Heat Recovery System for Industrial Ovens

This patent was developed for a brand new 55 gallon drum manufacturing plant. Epcon had the responsibility to design and build 5 (five) Paint Curing Ovens; two (2) Three-Stage Heated Washlines; four (4) Dry-Off Ovens; and a Thermal Oxidizer.
PATENT NO. 4240787

Drying Oven with Heat Reclamation and Air Pollution Control System

This patent was developed for a drill pipe and line pipe coating industry. Drill pipe, line pipe and all sorts of other pipes are lined (coated) internally or externally, with either phenolic coating or some rust presentation coatings, depending upon the use of the pipe.
PATENT NO. 6135765

Pyrocleaning Furnace and Thermal Oxidizer System

This patent is a combination of a Burnerless Pryocleaning Furnace and a Thermal Oxidizer systems, which degreases mostly aluminum and some steel components, covered with organic lubricating and/or cutting oils. Degreasing is accomplished by first transporting the metal components
PATENT NO. 6149707

Advanced Method for Pyrocleaning Metal Components

This patent is a method for pyrocleaning that degreases metal components using an oven, an oxidizer, a system gas supply and exhaust, and heat exchangers. The degreasing is accomplished by first transporting the metal components through the oven and exposing the oil coated metal
PATENT NO. 9726429

Wood Processing Oven and Treatment Method

This patent was developed for an application to treat wood products, both natural and synthetic. Special coatings are applied to laminated and unlaminated wood paneling, which requires precision heat treatment for all surfaces. Systems and methods for treating wood and wood products.
PATENT NO. 10099248

Advanced Treatment Method for Pipe Coupling Oven

Epcon developed this patent to treat oilfield services coating-cured metal pipe couplings. Systems and methods for treating metal pipe couplings, including a frame and insulated panels attached to the frame forming an oven. A pre-heat zone and a bake zone inside the oven...
PATENT NO. 10487283

RTO with Secondary and Tertiary Heat Recovery

This patent was developed for a Metal Finishing operation to have a Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer, as a pollution control device, and at the same time recycles hot air back into the process. There is a Heat Exchanger, which captures the fugitive emission from the process through the Heat...
PATENT NO.10792701

Pipe Coupling Thermal Cleaning and Coating Curing Oven and Method

This patent was developed for a pipe coating applications. Our novel method for pipe coupling thermal cleaning and coating curing oven, increased prodcution output and speed. As a leader in thermal cleaning application and innovative oven designs this system innovates cleaning and curing...
PATENT NO. 11724283B1

Metal Curing Ovens with Quick Heat-Up and Cooldown, and Processes

Epcon developed this patent for metal curing heat treatment. Comprised of Insulated ovens include an oven entry enclosure having a quick cool-down fan and damper, a direct-fired, forced draft combustion chamber, a converging enclosure at a distal end of the chamber, an oven exit enclosure having an exhaust fan, and oven cool-down doors...


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