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With 45 years experience and over 4000 systems operating worldwide, Epcon is a leading global supplier across industries.

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Air Pollution Control Systems

Depending on your needs, Epcon can utilize a range of air pollution control solutions ranging from Direct Fired Thermal Oxidizers (DFTO), Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO), Recuperative Thermal Oxidizer, and/or Catalytic Oxidizer, paired with complementary technologies such as a Scrubber.

Epcon has been engineering and manufacturing state-of-the art and leading-edge Thermal Oxidizers since 1977. We have been very successful in engineering and building all types of Oxidizers, both nationally and internationally. The primary function of the Thermal Oxidizer is to destroy the VOC contaminants in the exhaust coming out of a process. The operation of the Thermal Oxidizer is based on the principle of combustion. The process of combustion is the most commonly used method to control emissions of organic compounds. To date, Epcon has manufactured nearly 4,300 systems operating worldwide. Most of these systems are within the United States; however, we have systems in many other countries.

Epcon can provide a standard design or custom-built oxidation system for thermal destruction of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and other gases that can be eliminated by thermal destruction. Your Thermal Oxidizer will combine the right combination of high temperature, turbulent conditions, and residence time to assure complete combustion of volatile organic compounds or other contaminants in the air stream.

Air pollution is a global problem and Epcon is committed to solving the problem through expert engineering and design servicesWe offer numerous solutions for control of pollution products, suitable for various industrial needs. We can employ H2S Scrubbers, Recuperative Thermal Oxidizer, Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) or Catalytic Oxidizer, depending on your requirements. Our Thermal Oxidizers can be built to handle any size volume of gas. Customers can count on Epcon to design air pollution control systems or any number of custom systems specific to your process.

As reputed air pollution control equipment manufacturer in The Woodlands, Texas and around the world, we provide our state-of-the-art solutions to many industries. We also offer custom solutions to meet individual project requirements. Epcon’s technical sales staff works together from concept to completion, ensuring customers an efficient, customized product.

Our technical personnel comprises a competent staff of highly experienced engineers. Our SolidWorks & AutoCad specialists have an in-depth knowledge of our products and the needs of industries we serve.

Epcon is one of the few companies in our industry that has its own on-site manufacturing facility. This modern facility with state-of-the-art fabricating machinery allows Epcon to maintain complete control over the project’s quality and schedule. Each unit is built with high-quality materials, and because welding is one of the most crucial phases in the fabrication, our welders are both TIG- and MIG-certified.

All systems are pre-assembled at our facility and undergo rigorous quality checks and testing prior to shipment. Thus, providing reassurance to our customers that the system will perform well when it is delivered and installed.

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Protecting the Environment
Through Technology.

Our team can provide a range of energy efficient solutions, with regulatory and testing experience, to ensure optimal performance and air pollution control compliance.

Our committed to providing environmentally sound solutions goes beyond our technical expertise. We care about what we do to improve the quality of life for future generations. We pledge to forge responsible, technological advances as a company dedicated to a cleaner tomorrow.

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When you do business with Epcon, you deal with a Company you can trust.

As a premier design, engineering, and manufacturing company, Epcon delivers only products and services of the highest quality and value. 

We have a passion for excellence; aggressive performance standards; curious and innovative approach; and willing  to take prudent risks. At Epcon, we view problems and challenges as opportunities to demonstrate our talents and expertise.

We are committed to maintaining an ethical, safe, and healthy work environment, while providing professional freedom. opportunity, and rewards to all employees. Epcon values long-term relationships not just with our loyal employees, but with our customers, suppliers, and community.

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Serving the same Loyal Customers for 45 years.

As a global pioneer in the process heating and air pollution control industry, Epcon has a reputation for not only highly quality manufacturing and engineering expertise, but also honesty and integrity. 

Our success has been built on repeat business. Epcon’s Equipment last for several decades – and so does our commitment to our Customers.

When you choose Epcon as an industrial supplier – you are in good hands.

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