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Values Driven Corporate Overview

Epcon has been providing leading-edge air pollution control technology to our customers worldwide, to achieve net zero discharge from their processes or net minimally positive. Our technology provides solutions for removing and destroying toxic emissions — VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) and HAPs (Hazardous Air Pollutants) so that only clean exhausts goes to atmosphere.

The nature of Epcon’s business is, where there is pollution and VOC control equipment required, Epcon provides the solution,  regardless of the industry or application or geographic location. Most manufacturers recognize the importance of  clean operations and EPA regulations, however, the events of 2020, from the global health crisis to the heightened social unrest, highlight that being a good steward of the environment is just one aspect of ESGs.

Epcon’s commitment to ESGs extends beyond our energy efficient process heating solutions and air pollution control systems we provide. From investing in employee development, promoting worker safety and well-being, and promoting our founding ethics on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) and opportunity for all. We pride ourselves as an ESG value driven company, partnering with quality suppliers with ethically sourced materials, to enhance manufacturing operations and protect the environment through technology.

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Providing Sustainable Solutions.

Read more about  Epcon’s work in ESGs through our dedicated Environment, Social & Governance Pages. Our Commitment to doing the right thing today and building a better tomorrow is what has kept us successfully in business for the past 45 years!


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Epcon Through the UNs 17 Sustainable Development Goals

Take one minute to explore our work culture, policies and operations through the lens of the each of the United Nation's SDG Goals. We proudly commit to the environment and sustainable development on every level - From inside our organization to the lasting impacts of the products we manufacture.


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