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We are so proud to celebrate the 30 years of dedicated service from one of our cornerstone employees, Sarg Saleem. As Site Manager, Sarg keeps things operating smoothly…
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Is Epcon working for you?
Epcon is a full-service organization, from concept to completion; we can help you achieve your goals of either new #equipment or modernizing your existing equipment for higher fuel efficiency, better #performance,…
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Welcome to our new website !
At Epcon, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with exemplary service in every aspect, from concept to completion. We realize that process starts with our website, so…
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Epcon LP / Winter Newsletter / 2016
“Manufacturing is more than just putting parts together. It’s coming up with ideas, testing principles and perfecting the engineering, as well as final assembly.” – James Dyson Read…
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Looking for Rental Thermal Oxidizers?
Then be sure to check out Epcon’s full range of rental regenerative and recuperative thermal oxidizers. All of them, including trailer-mounted oxidizers are fully inspected and backed by our…
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Epcon Delivers World-Class Custom Thermal Deoilers
We have been busy lately delivering custom industrial ovens, direct fired thermal oxidizers, but we’ve recently delivered several custom thermal deoilers based on our patented method of coupling heat processing…
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Cure uniformity critical to laminated aluminium sheet performance
Increasing demand for affordable, lightweight, stamped metal parts has driven the development of specialty laminated metal products. These engineered materials combine the attributes of different gauges and grades…
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Need More Information About Thermal Deoiler Systems?
Are you looking for a thermal deoiler system that will reduce your energy consumption and cost? Give us a call at (936) 273-3300, email us at epcon@epconlp.com, or complete…
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Looking to Add a Catalyst to Your Thermal Oxidizer Setup?
Contact one of our thermal oxidizer engineering experts at (936) 273-3300, email us at epcon@epconlp.com, or complete our simple online contact form, to get the information you need. With over…
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Air Flow Configuration
A critical component of a custom industrial oven is the duct work that controls the air flow through the process. Since the heat source for this process is delivered by…
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Get the Best in Industrial Conveyor Oven Design at Epcon Industrial
At Epcon, we have over 40 years of experience in industrial oven design. Reach out to one of our industrial oven design experts today by completing our simple…
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What are Batch Ovens and what are they used for?
This animation highlights the features of a 3–Compartment Gas Fired Aging Oven with Cooling Capacity. Batch Ovens are an ideal solution for aging, baking, curing, drying, finishing, heat…
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