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Aziz Jamaluddin founded Epcon Industrial Systems in 1977 as a one man Engineering Procurement company, at that time called Entech. Prior to founding Epcon, he gained valuable industrial design and manufacturing experience working for General Electric and Pre Finish Metals, Montex, a subsidiary of Industrias Monterrey, S.A. (IMSA).

After starting an engineering and EPC contract for a 55-gallon steel drum manufacturing plant in Houston, Sharney Container, Aziz’s employer at the time IMSA, closed down and shut its doors.  Aziz, as the lead project Engineer was encouraged by the facility owner, Mr. Nathan Sharney, to set up his own company here in Houston and continue on to complete the project.

The Sharney Container project was a “shining star” success story that opened many doors for the company. Prospective customers were able to visit the operations and see the high-quality installation, allowing Epcon to secure new orders for several other manufacturing plants in Houston and across the country.

In the early years of Epcon, just about all the projects resulted in a proprietary and patentable designs. Aziz thrived on new challenges and gravitated towards building one-of-a-kind systems; always seeking “uncommon solutions for uncommon applications”. It requires a lot of imagination, perseverance, and courage to explore new ideas and produce innovative designs and systems.  The philosophy of innovation is very much part of Epcon’s culture still today.  Every system is custom-designed and engineered; where no two systems are ever alike.

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See the original 1978 letter from from Nathan Sharney - a founding treasure!
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Aziz Jamaluddin is the Founder and CEO of Epcon Industrial Systems. As Chief engineer, he has led the design and manufacture of over 4,300 systems to-date for air pollution control, heat recovery systems, industrial ovens and furnaces, and finishing systems for across industries.

Cultivating a unique company culture that embraces and encourages innovation, Aziz holds over 20 product patents utilizing advanced thermal engineering to optimize production and eliminate VOCs. Aziz has always pursued challenging custom solutions. Even with repeat customers and systems, no two units are ever alike. There are constantly improvements being made and no such thing as a “duplicate” for Epcon.
Do not Follow Where The Path May Lead. Go Instead Where There is no Path and Leave a Trail.
A trailblazer Inspired by Ralph Waldo Emerson
Aziz’s passion for new and unique challenges drives his personal endeavors as well. An avid curious traveler, Aziz has visited over 120 countries, and mastering over 8 languages, and takes great pride in giving back to the communities he visits and locally  through his philanthropic efforts. When he’s not working, you can usually find Aziz on the golf course or spending quality time with his children and grandchildren…and playing trivia!


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