Paint and Powder Booths

Paint & Powder Booths

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Paint & Powder Booth

Paint and Powder Coating application booths play a number of roles within a complete finishing system. Providing a clean, temperate, and safe environment for the effective application of the paint or powder coating is central to those roles.

Epcon is often called upon to provide the Paint Booth enclosures for Finishing Systems. Given our deep understanding of the coating process air handling conditions required to achieve the appropriate application environment as well as regulatory compliance, Epcon is uniquely capable of configuring the optimal paint booth design for your coating process.

Powder coating is a type of paint coating that is applied as a dry powder, delivered by an evaporating solvent. There are many benefits to powder coating over conventional spray-painting methods.

Powder coating is used to apply a protective finish to any type of metal objects. Powder coating is made from pigment and resin particles that are electrostatically charged onto the surface, creating a strong and aesthetically pleasing finish.

Powder coating creates a hard finish that is considered much tougher than conventional paint. As powder coating involves applying dry powder, each coat is much thicker and does not run like a liquid coating might.

Epcon can provide custom solutions for your manual or automated paint or powder coating application with a range of overspray elimination and collection strategies. Each of these systems have their own set of air handling and environmental compliance challenges. Understanding how the upstream and downstream systems impact the performance of the paint or powder booth is critical to achieving a capable Paint or Powder Coating Finishing Systems.

Working together with you and your coatings supplier our team of experts will configure a Paint or Powder spray booth and complete finishing system solution that will meet and exceed your performance goals within your project timing and budget constraints.

At Epcon we manufacture a complete range of custom designed Powder Coating Booth for both manual and fully automatic coating applications. With nearly 45 years of experience in the design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and ongoing support of powder coating equipment, Epcon’s Powder Coating Product Booths are complimented by our extensive range of Powder Coating Ovens. A comprehensive range of modern, high efficiency recovery equipment compliments our booths. 

Leveraging our 250,000 sq ft fabrication operations in The Woodlands, TX, our skilled craftsman transforms the design the team has created, fabricating and testing your complete finishing line prior to leaving our site. This vertically integrated approach, from concept through execution insures the smoothest possible start-up at your site.

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You can contact us via phone, email, chat or by filling out a detailed quote online to begin the process. From there we will assign a sales and applications engineer to review your request and work with you to evaluate your process and operating demands, to develop the optimal custom technology solution.
Everything we design and manufacture is custom, so delivery times will vary based on the scale and complexity of the systems required. During the initial evaluation, our sales & applications engineers will be able to estimate the project timeline from initial concept to start-up.
Our Commissioning team will be onsite to not only oversee the installation and startup process, but also train your operators. We offer a range of after sales services, from preventative maintenance and spare parts programs, to global 24/7 in field service technical support to make sure your systems never experience costly downtime.


After 45 years in business, and 4000+ systems operating across industries worldwide, Epcon's reputation is built on our commitment to quality work and dedication to our customers. Our success is grounded in repeat business. When you choose Epcon, you choose a supplier you can trust.

Customized Solutions

We custom design and engineer every system based on your unique process needs and demands.

Turnkey Systems

From concept to completion, we can build every aspect of your entire system, fully tested, onsite and ready to use.

Quality Manufacturing

All our equipment is built in-house, with strict quality controls and under the Project Engineer's oversight.

Performance Guarantee

We stand behind our products and ensure when installed, all performance metrics exceed your expectations.
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Epcon offers turn-key systems, with an experienced applications engineers working with you every step of the way, to ensure our installed system exceed your expectations. Wherever you are in the world, our on-call service team is available 24/7 to ensure your equipment always performs at 100% .


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