Paint application booths play a number of roles within a complete finishing system. Providing a clean, temperate and safe environment for the effective application of the paint coating is central to those roles.

Epcon is often called upon to provide the Paint Booth enclosures for Finishing Systems. Given our deep understanding of the coating process air handling conditions required to achieve the appropriate application environment as well as regulatory compliance, Epcon is uniquely capable of configuring the optimal paint booth design for your coating process.

Epcon can provide custom solutions for your manual or automated paint application with a range of paint overspray elimination and collection strategies. Each of these system have their own set of air handling and environmental compliance challenges. Understanding how the upstream and downstream systems impact the performance of the paint booth is critical to achieving a capable Paint Finishing System.

Working together with you and your coatings supplier our team of experts will configure a finishing system solution that will meet and exceed your performance goals within your project timing and budget constraints.

Leveraging our 250,000 sq ft fabrication operations in The Woodlands, TX, our skilled craftsman transform the design the team has created, fabricating and testing your complete finishing line prior to leaving our site. This vertically integrated approach, from concept through execution insures the smoothest possible start-up at your site.

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