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 What Our Customers Say About Us

Epcon Takes Pride in Everything We Do.

“Because of the time you invested into understanding our process before the unit was built, the field commissioning of the unit after its installation could not have gone better. We could not have been more impressed with your professionalism and expertise regarding your equipment and our operation.”

Scott Mouton // Pan Glo (a division of Bundy Baking Solutions)

“I appreciate the job your crew did getting this installation accomplished. I enjoyed working with them.”

David Dickey // Tinker Air Force Base

“Epcon was able to solve our environmental problems with the Oven and RTO system. Once the system was operating we were able to increase our production by 15% and still meet the stricter emissions limits that were mandated. Epcon was very responsive to all of our issues and address them to our satisfaction.”

Mark O'leary // Wheeling Corrugated Corporation

“Epcon helped me through many tight schedules. Seems like all our projects were in most cases priority and very time sensitive. Epcon has shown to be a very strong company that has sound quality procedures and tests.”

Gary Bogema // Tuboscope NOV

“As the electrician and now the lead electrician with 15+ years experience dealing with the equipment {Thermal Oxidizer} I strongly recommend Epcon and their people. I have entrusted their service department and engineering staff to keep us up and running without a hiccup longer than we could deal with in all that time.”

Tom Casillas // Sacramento Rendering

"We have working with Epcon from many years. Honest and reliable company. We would definitely recommend Epcon Industrial Systems for industrial equipment needs."

Geoffrey Reichardt

“The System and control strategy is sophisticated and, at the same time simple enough for our people to understand and operate without any difficulty. There is no doubt in my mind that this is the most efficient system that I have ever seen in my career of 29 years in the Drum Industry."

Nathan Sharney // Sharney Containers

“There are very few companies that consistently demonstrate they are loyal and sincere with people they have dealt with over a long period of time. Epcon is not only one of those few companies, but they are at the top of that list – Thank you again.”

James Philips // Ohio Art

"We have been working with Epcon since 2015 and it has been a very positive experience. Everyone we have worked with has been professional, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. We highly recommend working with them."

Mark Boyett // MCB Technologies

“The line started as expected. Working 100% fine. Excellent job from Epcon!”

José L. M. doVal // Tekno

We regard Epcon as one of the most committed and trustful supplier, so we rely on you whenever there’s an opportunity.

José L. M. doVal // Tekno

“Epcon’s Service Team worked tirelessly and straight through almost 12 hours to get the job done, and remained until we had the machine started up and it was known that it would operation correctly. They worked seamlessly with our maintenance people in the difficult constraints of Confined Space procedures, in very adverse environment, and got the job done… Experiences like this remind me why I continue to bring the business back to EPCON.”

Dennis McDermott // Goodman Manufacturing Co.

"We have enjoyed working with the Epcon team and recommend them highly. They are very professional, diligent and offer great services."

Robert MacNeil


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