Afterburner with Quench & Scrubber for Petrochemical Operations

Project No 3603

Afterburner with Quench & Scrubber for Petrochemical Operations

The Challenge

A leader in Latin America’s Chemical and Petrochemical Industry needed equipment to oxidize Hydrogen Sulphide and removal of SO2/SO3.  The chemical plant generated large quantities of exhaust enriched with H2S, water vapor and air, which were costing the facility exorbitant amounts to properly dispose of . The company went out seeking the technical solutions and went to several manufacturers to locate the best possible technology.

The Solution

 Epcon has built several systems for Chemical companies for similar applications for removal of H2S and acid gases and used their prior experience to asses the appropriate technology.

Epcon evaluated several technologies and decided on an Afterburner with Quench and Scrubber as the best solution for this application. Other types of oxidizers can be used, but based on their small flow and high heat release from VOC’s we chose an Afterburner. Epcon also designed and installed Quench & Scrubber system to remove SO2/SO3 and unreacted H2S from the outlet of the oxidizer.

The Results

The Afterburner with Quench and Scrubber system not only destroyed all the Hydrogen Sulphide and Acidic Gases and Waste Water in the process, but also saved the facility on operating and disposal cost.

On an ongoing basis, Epcon provides Preventive Maintenance Service to the customer and the system has been operating very successfully!

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