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Founding & Guiding Ethics

Governance Values

Safety Standards

Safety is a guiding principle at Epcon, with strict adherence to OSHA regulations, our onsite OSHA educator provides ongoing employee training, ensuring all key managers are OSHA 10 and 30 certified. With one of the highest workplace safety ratings, Epcon is proud to have provided a quality industrial workplace since 1977.

Product Quality & Certifications

Between UL, NEMA, OSHA , NFPA, FM/IRI, ASME, AWS, EPA regulations and guidelines and many other standards, as well as our various patents, Epcon has been able to comply with all the qualification and certifications necessary to work with the US Government and some of the largest multinationals and industrial prime contractors. We may be a small business, but we meet all the essential requirements to work with the most prestigious and highly regulated industry players around the world.

Ethics & Code of Conduct

Over the past 44 years, Epcon has developed strict policies and codes of conduct for employees to ensure safety in the workplace while promoting quality engineering and fabrication. We take a step beyond just complying with the most stringent state and federal regulations, and enforce a culture of honesty and dedicated commitment to service, Just ask our repeat customer that have been relying on us for decades!

Open Door Culture

Epcon is a family business and flat organization. Our CEO and Founder promotes an open door policy, removing the red tape and hierarchical boundaries, and giving each employee’s voice an equal weight. Customer Loyalty and dedicated Commitment, pride in engineering and craftsmanship, as well as honesty and integrity, are just a few of the positive founding principles that permeate through our culture. Promoting a work environment where employees are encouraged to voice concerns and share innovative ideas at every level of the organization, is the cornerstone of Epcon’s competitive edge and lasting success.

HR Practices & Benefits

Epcon covers up to 80% of health insurance and offers a safe harbor 401K plan and various employee benefits. We partner with Gusto for all our HR needs from onboarding, training and insurance consulting, our user-friendly and transparent company records allows our employees the ability to access and control their information.

Debt Free & Financially Stable

When you do business with Epcon, you can rest assured you are in good hands. As a debt free company, Epcon has grown organically from a one-man operation into a leading international industrial equipment supplier. During our 45 years, we have maintained a 250,000 sq ft manufacturing facility and employed thousands, without ever defaulting on a payment or failing to deliver a project as guaranteed.
Prioritizing Regenerative Systems

Providing Sustainable Solutions.

Read more about  Epcon’s work in ESGs through our dedicated Environment, Social & Governance Pages. Our Commitment to doing the right thing today and building a better tomorrow is what has kept us successfully in business for the past 45 years!


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Epcon Through the UNs 17 Sustainable Development Goals

Take one minute to explore our work culture, policies and operations through the lens of the each of the United Nation's SDG Goals. We proudly commit to the environment and sustainable development on every level - From inside our organization to the lasting impacts of the products we manufacture.​


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