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June 2023

Air Pollution Strategies to Treat Various Applications of Storage Tank Fugitive Emissions

Storage tanks are used across most industrial operations, from material transport, to onsite facilities for chemical use and storage. The vapors venting from these tanks can be a significant source of fugitive emissions....
March 2023

Thermal Cleaning Technology: The Sustainable Alternative

Thermal cleaning solutions can be a more cost-effective and environmentally sound alternative to traditional industrial cleaning methods. This article explores three different industrial thermal cleaning applications...
November 2022

Methods to Increase Paint and Coating Application Process Efficiencies

The industrial painting and coating of surfaces typically involves stages of heat treatment along with significant VOC emissions, which make the process well suited for an integrated “oven/oxidizer combination” design with multi-stage heat recovery...
August 2022

The Impact of ESG on Procurement

Sustainable Purchasing practices can incorporate ESG into day-to-day operations as it directly determines what is purchased, from whom, how it is delivered, and product lifecycle sustainability, while indirectly influencing both suppliers and consumer behavior...
June 2022

Multi-Stage Heat Recovery

A custom-engineered industrial heat recovery system utilizes thermal recycling, reusing process energy that would otherwise be wasted. One method for recovering process heat is to integrate the process heating equipment with the air pollution control unit. This creates a closed-loop...
April 2022

A Step-By-Step Guide to Defining and Promoting a Company’s Unique ESG Values

The most important ESG values for a company should be rooted in what it actually does: the products and services it provides. How does a company help mitigate climate change or preserve natural resources...
March 2022

Sophisticated Control Systems For Optimal Process Operations

A comprehensive control system, whether designing a new controls package or updating your existing system to a new controls scheme, is the most effective way to enhance any complex...
February 2022

Using Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers to Replace Flares & Treat Fugitive Emissions

Fugitive Emissions are estimated to make up around 5% of total global emissions and are one of the major concerns within the hydrocarbon production and logistics industry...
November 2021

Achieving Net-Positive Operations in Adhesive Tape Manufacturing

An air pollution control system designed and installed for a major tape coating line exemplifies how the best economic solution can also be the best environmental solution...
June 2021

Trusted Environmental Solutions From Epcon

Few companies that are not environmental protection agencies are as hard at work protecting the environment as Epcon Industrial Systems. Based in The Woodlands, Texas...
May 2021

Custom Coil Coating System Meets Production and VOC Removal Demands for Automotive Manufacturers

Every manufacturing operation that produces finished painted metal products needs to assess the benefits of using pre-coated metal coils or applying paint directly...
March 2021

Improving Efficiency and Sustainability in Composites Bonding

A new system comprising a curing oven, regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO), and secondary and tertiary heat exchangers can help reduce operating costs while ...
March 2021

Optimizing Process Operations

From metal preparation, coating application, and curing, to emissions compliance and safety measures, a custom-engineered controls system is an essential feature ...
December 2020

Maintaining Uniform Target Temperature

Feature article detailing the latest design control system for batch ovens is equipped with high accuracy operating parameter requirements...
July 2019

Thermal Technology : Coated Coil Curing Oven Feature

When supplying air pollution control and process heating equipment to the metals industry, beyond meeting the stringent regulations and best manufacturing practices...
February 2019

Various Heat-Treating Applications for the Aluminum Industry

Aluminum manufactured products of various sizes have been steadily replacing steel in industrial designs such as automobiles, airplanes, appliances ...
September 2018

55 Gallon Drum Conveyer Oven System Feature

This featured dual-lane conveyor system, used to cure internal linings for 55-gallon drums, will reduce the operating costs for the end-user by 30% ...
February 2018

The Impact of Thermal Oxidizer Sizing on Melt-System Capacity

Driven by new regulations as well as consumer performance requirements, the demand for cast, extruded and machined aluminum parts has increased globally...
July 2017

Protecting the Environment through Innovative Technological Solutions

In 2017, Epcon Industrial Systems will celebrate its fortieth anniversary. Having designed, engineered and manufactured and installed over four thousand systems worldwide...
February 2017

The Impact of Thermal Oxidizer Sizing on Melt-System Capacity

It is important to understand rate-limiting factors when sizing a secondary aluminum-recovery system.
May / June 2017

Q&A with Aziz Jamaluddin President and CEO of Epcon Industrial Systems

Q&A interview that highlights Epcon's founding and greatest achievements. Hear the story of Epcon from the perspective of the Man whos started it all...
October 2016

Optimizing Process Heating System Performance Using a Combination System

Selecting an oxidation system for a specific process stream requires an in-depth analysis of the operating parameters.
February 2016

Removing VOCs and HAPs from Exhaust Streams

Thermal oxidation can effectively remove airborne contaminants from process exhaust streams. Oxidizers can incorporate heat recovery for process use to maximize return on investment.
August 2015

Protecting the Environment Through Technology

Since its inception in 1977, Epcon has garnered great success both at home and abroad for its state-of-the-art thermal oxidizing systems and industrial ovens ...
February 2015

Finding the Right Oxidizer for Your Process Plant

Selecting an oxidation system for a specific process stream requires an in-depth analysis of the operating parameters.
Industrial Products Pioneers

Project Press Releases

December 2021 Process Heating

NEWS || Steel Container Company Commissions Paint Curing Oven

A steel container company will use an industrial oven with a maximum temperature of 500°F (260°C) to cure the paint on the outside of steel drums.
September 2021 Thermal Processing

NEWS || Epcon Industrial designs, installs high-velocity oven

Epcon Industrial Systems is a known leader in designing and building ovens and oxidizers for continuous web processing applications...
July 2021 Process Heating

NEWS || Wicket Oven Designed for Curing Sheet Steel Parts

Epcon developed and continues to improve upon its proprietary design for a Wicket Oven. Long wickets are attached to the oven conveyors acting as placeholders or carriers as
October 2020 Modern Metals

NEWS || Epcon Designs & Builds Large Capacity Recuperative Thermal Ox

Epcon, Conroe, Texas, designed and built this large capacity Recuperative Thermal Oxidizer for a 55-gallon steel drum manufacturing operation. ...
June 2020 Modern Metals

NEWS || Epcon Industrial Systems Receives Order For Thermal Deoiler

Thermal Deoiling is essential to have absolutely clean fins, used in radiators, condensers, evaporators, or anything that goes through ...
November 2019 Modern Metals

NEWS || Epcon Builds Custom Oven for Wickets

Epcon has been active in the 55 gallon steel drum manufacturing industry for 40+ years and has just completed a special proprietary system for dual ...
November 2019 Process Heating

NEWS || Wicket Ovens Process Steel Drums

Epcon developed a proprietary system for dual-laying and triple-laying wicket ovens for a repeat customer. The ovens were designed for high production efficiency and will process 720 to 750 steel drums per hour.
August 2019 Modern Metals

Epcon Builds Multi-Level Conveyorized Web-Processing Oven

Epcon had a unique opportunity to build a multi-level conveyorized web-processing oven. None of this type exist anywhere in the world ...
August 2019 Process Heating

NEWS || Manufacturer Delivers Multi-Level, Conveyorized Web-Processing Oven

Epcon Industrial Systems manufactured a multi-level conveyorized web-processing oven.
May 2019 Industrial Heating

NEWS || Tier 1 Automotive Supplier Orders Batch Ovens

Epcon Industrial Systems custom-designed and manufactured two batch ovens specifically for aging aluminum structural components for a Tier 1 automotive supplier.
April 2019 Process Heating

NEWS || Use Indirectly Heated Dry Air to Clean Parts Contaminated with Oils, Lubricants

Suited for applications that require clean, dry parts such as brazing, coating, soldering and plating, thermal deoilers use indirectly heated dry air to clean parts contaminated with oils or lubricants.
March 2019 Industrial Heating

NEWS || Aerospace Manufacturer Order Industrial Ovens

Epcon Industrial Systems received an order to build an industrial oven for the aerospace industry. The oven, which has two combustion chambers located...
March 2019 Process Heating

NEWS || Thermal Deoiler Eliminates Toxic Wastewater

A provider of stamping oil cleaning services utilized a thermal deoiler to eliminate toxic wastewater and reduce water consumption.
February 2019 Industrial Heating

NEWS || Top Industrial Gases & Atmospheres Articles of 2018

To continue a trend we started in 2017, Industrial Heating will highlight a topic on our website and list the most-popular articles under that topic according to page views.
February 2019 Process Heating

NEWS || U.S. Government Funds Curing Oven for Airplane Parts

Epcon Industrial Systems was selected to build an industrial oven with two combustion chambers located on top and three guillotine doors.
November 2018 Process Heating

NEWS || Drawer Ovens Process Drill Pipes, Cores

Two automatic drawer ovens have been designed to process drill pipes and drill cores for oilfield equipment. The equipment allows 30’ long parts to be loaded
July 2018 Industrial Heating

NEWS || Manufacturer Orders Conveyor Oven System

Epcon Industrial Systems designed, built and shipped a state-of-the-art multi-zone conveyor oven system that will be used to cure internal linings for 55-gallon drums.
April 2018 Industrial Heating

NEWS || Composite Manufacturer Orders Batch Ovens

Epcon Industrial Systems shipped two electrically heated batch ovens to a composite manufacturer in Houston, Texas. The ovens will be used for heating tooling used for composite
May 2018 Process Heating

NEWS || Coils Manufacturer Adds Integrated Oven/Oxidizer Thermal Processing System

An integrated system consisting of a processing oven to clean the residual oil present in HVAC coils, combined with an air pollution control system — a thermal oxidizer — will be used by one HVAC coils maker to destruct solvents evaporated during thermal cleaning process.
July 2016 Process Heating

NEWS || Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer Achieves High Levels of VOC Destruction

Each of the company’s regenerative thermal oxidizers system is custom designed to achieve the desired performance, and each system goes through exhaustive front-end and preengineering analysis.


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