Epcon is an industry leader in Direct Fired Thermal Oxidizer (DFTO) control equipment technology specializing in custom modular units for stand alone as well as trailer-mounted applications. Epcon is pleased to offer different purchase, lease, and rental agreement options to suit any need.

Direct Fired Thermal Oxidizers may also be called Afterburners or Direct Flame Thermal Oxidizers. Thermal oxidation is a method of air pollution control that can be applied to incineration for air polluted with small particles or combustible solids or liquids.

Direct Fired Thermal Oxidizers are ideal solutions for high solvent loading and fluctuating operating conditions.

Operating temperatures range from 1,250 to 1,800°F, and gas residence times are typically 1 second or less. These conditions cause the process stream’s molecular structure to break down into simple carbon dioxide and water vapor.

Understanding the nature of the process stream is critical to sizing and configuring the Direct Fired Thermal Oxidizer. Selection and placement of flame arrestors between the vapor source and the thermal oxidizer as well as configuring the control and placement of the process stream are key to achieving the desired system performance.

We are experts in thermal process applications, and Epcon is ready to design and assemble your Industrial Direct Fired Thermal Oxidizer. Our experienced engineers will ensure that our Direct Fired Thermal Oxidizer accommodates your needs.

Epcon’s innovative and patented Direct Fired Oxidizer designs are built to your unique specifications. Our superior workmanship is evident in all of our custom Oxidizers, Ovens, Furnaces and Finishing Systems.

Direct fired thermal oxidizer
Direct fired thermal oxidizer



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