Fuel Types Configurations and Features

Fuel Sources, Configurations & Features

Product Overview

Fuel Sources, Configurations & Features

Leveraging the experience and designs of Furnace fabricated since our founding in 1977, each industrial oven and furnace is configured with custom design features to meet your specific application demands. From multi-level conveyors, product racks and wickets, high speed automation, sequestered temperature zones, batch loading drawers, car bottom designs, to pneumatic guillotine door operations, to fuel source, we have your custom needs and design features covered.  All of our heat treatment equipment is optimized to meet your performance and output goals.

Your project will receive the highest quality of products, meeting your equipment budgets. Thanks to Epcon’s complete vertically integrated operations, our customers can watch as their systems advance from design through manufacturing and in many cases are run through complete Factory Acceptance Testing all under one roof at our operations in The Woodlands, Texas.

In order to meet your unique requirements, we offer a variety of finishing and curing ovens and heat treatment furnaces well-suited for aging, tempering, hardening and annealing systems and many more thermal applications. Our ovens and furnaces are designed to meet the precise requirements for uniformity, atmosphere and temperature controls in various industrial settings based on a wide range of manufacturing products and processes.

Fuel Sources : NG, LNG, Oil, Electric & Steam

We design our process heating equipment around your operating needs. Whether your facility utilizes Natural Gas, Liquid Natural Gas, Oil, Electric or Steam to power your processing line, we can deliver systems to align with your requirements.

With industrial applications requiring variation in operating  temperatures, ranging from as low as 400°F to up to 2200°F, our applications engineers have the experience to accommodate your existing fuels source of choice or recommend the most cost effective options.

Because Epcon manufactures everything in-house from gas train components to electrical programming and controls, our engineers are flexible in designing the appropriate system around the fuel source that works best for your process operations.

Custom Designed Material Handling Systems

Properly supporting your products as well as loading and unloading products is an important part of configuring a capable pre-heating/treatment process. Epcon provides custom material handling solutions to ensure that whether automated or manual your parts are able to be properly positioned for effective uniform pre-treatment and processing.

Heavy Duty Car Bottom and Insulated Box Furnace Chamber Configurations

Epcon’s Car bottom designs typically include Epcon’s proprietary knife seal to insure a tight and robust seal to atmosphere with integrated furnace doors to provide a secure seal and easy access to product. Epcon’s Box Furnace configuration includes electrically or pneumatically operated guillotine doors with available failsafe power loss actuation.

Batch Loading & Guillotine Door Mechanism and Sealing

Our ovens and furnaces can be fitted with a door that is affixed to the mobile car-bottom, or alternatively, a guillotine-type door for applications where customers require doors on both ends of the furnace. The doors seal against a slotted ½” thick steel plate on the front of the furnace that is recessed back from the opening. Our door design provides a positive seal that prevents leakage and promotes uniformity near the front of the furnace. The guillotine type doors are counterweighted and pneumatically or mechanically actuated depending on the size of the door.

Loading Mechanisms and Tracks

The car bottom furnace utilizes “live axles” riding on massive pillow blocks/bearings. The wheels are solid steel with a flange to eliminate drift on the track. The car bottom is driven with a speed reduction gearbox transmitted to a chain and sprocket arrangement. The speed can be adjusted with a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) to suit customer requirements. The bottom seals inside the Furnace via pneumatic bumpers that engage when it has completed its travel. We provide a standard railroad rail with a detailed engineering drawing for installation purposes.

Car Bottom Furnaces include heat treating of large or heavy welded fabrications such as gear blanks, which are generally used in automotive and machine tool parts. Other popular heat-treating uses include industrial steel and aluminum mill applications like wire annealing, foil annealing and pre-rolling processes like pre-heating and reheating. In addition, many Homogenizing applications like aluminum logs, billets or plates, as well as forging processes for making parts used in manufacturing automotive, aerospace, oil drilling equipment and other capital equipment, can all benefit from the car bottom loading feature.


After 45 years in business, and 4300+ systems operating across industries worldwide, Epcon's reputation is built on our commitment to quality work and dedication to our customers. Our success is grounded in repeat business. When you choose Epcon, you choose a supplier you can trust.

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