Experienced finishing system experts know that the Washline is one of the most critical aspects of the overall finishing process. A successfully designed, fabricated and executed washline will insure that the chosen chemistry for cleaning, pre-treatment and coating can perform effectively.

With decades of experience and hundreds of custom engineered washline systems designed, fabricated and commission around the globe, Epcon is uniquely qualified to be your technology provider.

Working together with you and your chemical/coatings supplier our team of experts will configure a washline solution that will meet and exceed your performance goals within your project timing and budget constraints.

Industrial finishing products

From simple 3 stage systems to comprehensive 12 stage systems with cascading water recovery, heated recirculation with modular headers, solids filtration/separation, automated conveyance and indirect heat recovery integration from adjacent air pollution control systems, Epcon is your source for innovation and performance within budget.

Epcon can provide stand-alone washline systems for your new or retrofit/refurbishment project as well as be your one stop shop for complete Finishing Systems including; Washline, Dry-off Ovens, Paint Booths, Flash-off and Cure Ovens, Material Handling/Conveyors as well as integration of the appropriate Air Pollution Control Technology.

Industrial finishing products

Having developed several proprietary and patented designs Epcon is uniquely knowledgeable in the integration of waste heat recovery from cure system exhaust air pollution control and washline heating systems. Directing waste heat from your oven/thermal oxidizer is an excellent way to reduce your operating costs and minimize your environmental footprint.

Leveraging our 250,000 sq ft fabrication operations in The Woodlands, TX, our skilled craftsman transform the design the team has created, fabricating and testing your complete washline prior to leaving our site. This vertically integrated approach, from concept through execution insures the smoothest possible start-up at your site.

Please contact us today to learn more about how Epcon can assist you with successfully meeting your washline and finishing system project goals on time and within budget!

As an expert working with a finishing system, you’d know the importance of the washline in the overall process.

Efficient design and accurate fabrication lead to perfectly executed washline. Such a design will ensure that the cleaning, pre-treatment and coating chemistry is perfectly chosen.

With decades of experience as washline manufacturers, we know how to design the perfect washline system for your application.

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