Heat Treating Furnaces

Heat Treating Furnaces

Product Overview

Heat Treat Furnaces

Heat treatment encompasses a broad range of applications including Annealing, Normalizing, Solutionizing, Aging, Hardening and Tempering processes. Each of these processes is material and applications specific. However, they all share a common need for precise and accurate control.

Industrial Furnaces operate in a temperature range of as low as 400oF through 2200oF with special applications capable of higher and lower temperatures. Epcon’s Industrial Heat Treat Furnaces are designed to meet the specific requirements for each application. From concept through manufacturing, acceptance testing at our site to start-up, commissioning and service/support the team of experts at Epcon work together with you to insure 100% customer satisfaction.

Each application and customer has a unique set of Performance, Quality and Cost constraints for their project. Epcon’s vertically integrated business model insures that we are in the best position to help you meet all of your project goals.

Some of the unique and proprietary features of Epcon’s Industrial Heat Treatment Furnace designs include; Precision Programmable Temperature and Atmosphere Controls, Heavy Duty Car Bottom or Insulated Box Furnace Chamber Configurations, and Custom Designed Material Handling.

Precision Programmable Temperature and Atmospheric Controls:

Programmable temperature controls, managed through the Epcon developed process control screens, at the Furnace located Human Machine Interface (HMI) or through the customers remote Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system, allow for precise and accurate ramp up, hold, and cool down temperature profiles per each product’s requirements (recipe). In addition to UL Certification from our in-house panel shop for all furnaces, systems designed to meet the most stringent industry and government required specifications are available.

Whether gas fired, electrically heated or driven by other opportunity fuels/sources of energy, Epcon custom designs the configuration (Size, Orientation, Placement, etc) of the heat sources to achieve uniform temperate performance across the work envelope. Systems are designed to meet customer’s specific temperature requirements and have demonstrated compliance with some of the most stringent control specifications to be found.

Nitrogen purge systems as well as other atmospheric controls can be incorporated into all of Epcon’s Furnace designs.

Heavy Duty Car Bottom and Insulated Box Furnace Chamber Configurations:

Leveraging the experience and designs of furnaces fabricated since our founding in 1977, each customer’s furnace is configured to meet their specific application needs. The two primary styles of Heat Treatment Furnaces are Car Bottom and Box.

Car bottom furnaces include Epcon’s proprietary knife seal to insure a tight and robust seal to atmosphere. Car bottom designs typically include integrated furnace doors to provide a secure seal and easy access to product. Epcon’s Box Furnace configuration includes electrically or pneumatically operated guillotine doors with available fail safe power loss actuation.

Custom Designed Material Handling:

Properly supporting your products as well as loading and unloading products is an important part of configuring a capable pre-heating/treatment process. Epcon provides custom material handling solutions to ensure that whether automated or manual your parts are able to be properly positioned for effective uniform pre-treatment and processing.

Thanks to Epcon’s complete vertically integrated operations, our customers can watch as their systems advance from design through manufacturing and in many cases are run through complete Factory Acceptance Testing all under one roof at our operations in The Woodlands, Texas!

Industrial applications require equipment which can operate at different temperatures. This may range from as low as 400°F to up to 2200°F.

In order to meet these requirements, we offer heat treatment furnaces well-suited for aging, solutionizing, tempering, hardening and annealing systems and processes. These furnaces are designed to meet the precise requirements for control in various industrial settings.

All of our heat treatment equipment optimized to meet your performance goals. Your project will receive the highest quality of products, meeting your equipment budgets.

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You can contact us via phone, email, chat or by filling out a detailed quote online to begin the process. From there we will assign a sales and applications engineer to review your request and work with you to evaluate your process and operating demands, to develop the optimal custom technology solution.
Everything we design and manufacture is custom, so delivery times will vary based on the scale and complexity of the systems required. During the initial evaluation, our sales & applications engineers will be able to estimate the project timeline from initial concept to start-up.
Our Commissioning team will be onsite to not only oversee the installation and startup process, but also train your operators. We offer a range of after sales services, from preventative maintenance and spare parts programs, to global 24/7 in field service technical support to make sure your systems never experience costly downtime.


After 45 years in business, and 4000+ systems operating across industries worldwide, Epcon's reputation is built on our commitment to quality work and dedication to our customers. Our success is grounded in repeat business. When you choose Epcon, you choose a supplier you can trust.

Customized Solutions

We custom design and engineer every system based on your unique process needs and demands.

Turnkey Systems

From concept to completion, we can build every aspect of your entire system, fully tested, onsite and ready to use.

Quality Manufacturing

All our equipment is built in-house, with strict quality controls and under the Project Engineer's oversight.

Performance Guarantee

We stand behind our products and ensure when installed, all performance metrics exceed your expectations.
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Dedicated Project Managers & Service Teams

Epcon offers turn-key systems, with an experienced applications engineers working with you every step of the way, to ensure our installed system exceed your expectations. Wherever you are in the world, our on-call service team is available 24/7 to ensure your equipment always performs at 100% .

Epcon is a celebrated name in modular and industrial Batch Oven design and advanced thermal process applications with our vertically integrated 250,000 square foot manufacturing facility. From concept through factory acceptance testing, we fabricate and assemble every component in-house, and Epcon guarantees quality and performance of our modular and industrial Batch Ovens.

Custom Batch Oven designs by Epcon are innovative, distinct, and versatile. Direct, Indirect, Electric, Gas, or the alternate fuel of your choice, all available with integrated emissions compliance solutions, the team at Epcon creates energy efficient modular and industrial ovens that meet your operational and budget requirements.

Batch Ovens are an ideal solution for aging, baking, curing, drying, finishing, heat treating, hardening, or pre-heating. Epcon has the technologies and capabilities to constantly innovate our industrial and modular Batch Ovens, while continuously working to improve our services, capabilities, and knowledge. Due to our in-house manufacturing, we can audit every industrial or modular Batch Oven, ensuring that it meets our high standards for design, function, and efficiency. We proudly take responsibility for each of our products, and expect our customers to always hold us accountable for our work. We guarantee a quick response to all of your modular and industrial Batch Oven needs without compromise.

We can design a Batch Oven customized to your particular specifications. Epcon Industrial Ovens are renowned for their quality. We can accommodate any order for Batch Ovens, Drying Ovens, Curing Ovens, or Powder Coating Ovens.

  • Gas direct fired
  • Combination ovens
  • High/low temperature applications
  • Guillotine doors
  • Overhead conveyors
  • Pusher-dog chain assemblies
  • Wire mesh belts
  • Custom racks
  • Custom hanging fixtures

Each of Epcon’s Batch Ovens is built in compliance with OSHA and NFPA86 requirements and standards.

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