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Environmental Values

Air Pollution & Hazard Control

Across the manufacturing sector, air emissions arise from volatile organic compounds (VOCs), acid gases, particulate or dust emissions (including concentrations of mineral and metal oxides) and greenhouse gases (GHGs). Process design and maintenance should focus on containment of fugitive emissions throughout as well as final destruction, ensuring only clean air leaves the production line. As regulations become more stringent globally, we can retrofit existing APC controls to make sure our customers’ operations are clean and compliant.

Promoting Renewables

From creating custom heat-treating ovens for the large Wind Turbines, curing ovens for Solar panels, or pollution control for lithium battery production, Epcon has been supplying critical equipment for the renewable energy industry for decades. In addition, we helped redesign clean coal and powerplants, across the world as they comply with cleaner standards.

Recycling & Waste management

Epcon works with scrap metal recyclers and large waste management operations to not only clean both solid and waterwaste streams contaminated with heavy metals, spent solvents and acids, and toxic VOCs. These operations require specific care to prevent environmental hazards or community health risks, while also providing efficient recycling and processing capacities.

Engineering Net Zero or Net Positive Operations

Epcon always seeks out opportunities to introduce and emphasize energy efficiency measures for all Pollution Control related systems, whether designing new systems or retrofitting an existing system. Epcon holds multiple patents pertaining to pollution control equipment, combined with heat recovery systems, which substantially reduces operating costs, minimizing energy and fuel consumption. In most cases, the energy savings are in the range of 90% to 97%. Epcon has manufactured more than 4300 systems, operating worldwide - most of which achieve net zero discharge or minimally net positive - saving Trillions of BTUs and hundreds of millions of dollars for our customers.

Combating Climate Change

Our main business is preventing Air pollution which contaminates our air and water bodies as it returns as acid rain, but we also combat climate change with projects with a multitude of environmental benefits. For example, our patented thermal deoilers replace the need for cleaning chemicals, such as Tetrachloroethane and reduce industrial wastewater treatment saving hundreds of millions of dollars; our seal pots and oxidizers capture and destroy toxic fumes from Wastewater facilities, while our trailer mounted, and mobile systems are utilized across superfund and brownfield sites for environmental and Soil remediation measures.

Preserving Natural Resources

Not only do Epcon’s Air pollution control systems keep our air clean for breathing and keeps the surrounding water streams clean, from possible acid rain. Through extensive R&D and we can help find new ways to reduce and preserve operating resources. Since 1977, Epcon has designed innovative thermal cleaning systems, for various industrial applications retrofitted systems, for example, industrial parts cleaners, drill pipes and any parts that have heavy cutting oils, do not to use any water at all, eliminating millions of gallons of wastewater and chemical treatment costs and discharge fees. Additionally, we specialized in regenerative and closed systems that utilize complex heat recovery methods and controls to drastically reduce the demand for operating fuel. Many of our systems operate burner less; utilizing waste heat from the Thermal Oxidizers, saving on fuel and electricity consumption. Epcon holds patents to utilize the waste heat to generate steam and utilize the steam turbines to generate electricity; this is called co-generation. A custom engineered system designed to minimize resources and reducing waste levels while maintaining the integrity of the product is what we do best at Epcon.
Prioritizing Regenerative Systems

Providing Sustainable Solutions.

Read more about  Epcon’s work in ESGs through our dedicated Environment, Social & Governance Pages. Our Commitment to doing the right thing today and building a better tomorrow is what has kept us successfully in business for the past 45 years!


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