Industrial Furnaces typically operate in a temperature range of between 1200oF and 2200oF with special applications capable of higher and lower temperatures. Forge Furnaces, for the pretreatment of materials prior to Forging, are typically operated in a temperature range of between 1800oF and 2200oF.

Epcon’s Industrial Forge Furnaces are designed to meet the specific requirements for each application. From concept through manufacturing, acceptance testing at our site to start-up, commissioning and service/support the team of experts at Epcon work together with you to insure 100% customer satisfaction.

Each application and customer has a unique set of Performance, Quality and Cost constraints for their project. Epcon’s vertically integrated business model insures that we are in the best position to help you meet all of your project goals.

Some of the unique and proprietary features of Epcon’s Industrial Forge Furnace designs include; Precision Programmable Temperature and Atmosphere Controls, Heavy Duty Car Bottom or Insulated Box Furnace Chamber Configurations, and Custom Designed Material Handling.

Forge industrial furnace design
Forge industrial furnace design

Precision Programmable Temperature and Atmospheric Controls:

Programmable temperature controls, managed through the Epcon developed process control screens, at the Furnace located Human Machine Interface (HMI) or through the customers remote Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system, allow for precise and accurate ramp up to, and hold at the working/forging temperature per each product’s requirements (recipe).

Whether gas fired, electrically heated or driven by other opportunity fuels/sources of energy, Epcon custom designs the configuration (Size, Orientation, Placement, etc) of the heat sources to achieve uniform temperate performance across the work envelope.

Nitrogen purge systems as well as other atmospheric controls can be incorporated into all of Epcon’s Furnace designs.

Heavy Duty Car Bottom and Insulated Box Furnace Chamber Configurations:

Leveraging the experience and designs of furnaces fabricated since our founding in 1977, each customer’s furnace is configured to meet their specific application needs. The two primary styles of Forge Furnaces are Car Bottom and Box.

Car bottom furnaces include Epcon’s proprietary knife seal to insure a tight and robust seal to atmosphere. Car bottom designs typically include integrated furnace doors to provide a secure seal and easy access to product. Epcon’s Box Furnace configuration includes electrically or pneumatically operated guillotine doors.

Custom Designed Material Handling:

Properly supporting your products as well as loading and unloading products is an important part of configuring a capable pre-heating/treatment process. Epcon provides custom material handling solutions to ensure that whether automated or manual your parts are able to be properly positioned for effective uniform pre-treatment and processing.

Thanks to Epcon’s complete vertically integrated operations, our customers can watch as their systems advance from design through manufacturing and in many cases are run through complete Factory Acceptance Testing all under one roof at our operations in The Woodlands, Texas!

Forge industrial furnace design
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