Dual RTO System Replaces Open Flare for Major Midstream Operation

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Project No 3405

Dual RTO System Replaces Open Flare for Major Midstream Operation

The Challenge

A leading Midstream company needed equipment to achieve higher DRE and treat the H2S (sour gas) from their process.  In the past they had utlized a Flare, however it  did not achieve the DRE they needed to remain compliant with emission.

The midstream gas business starts at the gathering system. The gathering system collects wet natural gas from the well heads and transports it to a gas processing plant. A gathering system can range from a small system where gas is processed close to the well head, to a system that consists of thousands of miles of small-diameter, low pressure pipes collecting from many hundred wells. At the gas processing plant methane (a.k.a. dry natural gas) is separated from the wet natural gas, leaving natural gas liquids as a by-product. NGLs are heavier elements of the wet natural gas, these include ethane, propane, butane, isobutane, and other condensates. The midstream companies operate by fractionating, transporting and marketing these natural gas liquids. The company went out seeking the technical solutions and went to several manufacturers to locate the best possible technology. 

The Solution

Epcon has built several systems for Midstream companies for similar applications to control H2S and used their proprietary technology for the solution. Epcon analyzed the process and designed a Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) which achieves a higher DRE than their previous Flare. Epcon’s system treats the H2S (sour gas) in a regenerative thermal oxidizer to remove 99.9% of VOCs. Epcon has selected regenerative thermal oxidizer because they can reduce fuel consumption and handle a higher loading without having any issues.

The Results

Epcon was able to achieve better fuel consumption compared to the Flare with the Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer and also handle the H2S and higher loading. We were also able to remove the VOC’s by 99.9%. On an ongoing basis, Epcon provides Preventive Maintenance Service to the customer and the system has been operating very successfully.

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