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With 45 years’ experience and over 4300 systems operating worldwide, Epcon is a leading global supplier across industries.

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Thermal Cleaning Solutions

Thermal cleaning solutions are proven to be cost effective and environmentally sound alternative to traditional industrial cleaning methods. Epcon has supplied thermal cleaning technology for a variety of components, systems and services for a broad range of products such and applications across different industries.

Epcon has developed a range of thermal cleaning technology such as highly sensitive decommissioning systems for old bombs and munitions for the US department of defense or solutions for garments exposed to hazardous materials. These systems promote healthy and safe solutions to hazardous products that would otherwise end up in landfills or pose dangers for generations to come.

Epcon is also industry leaders in thermal deoiling solutions, holding several patents and continues to innovate to find the best technology for your process. Thermal deoiling systems have successfully removed the need for toxic cleaning chemicals and diverted millions of waste water from leaving the process. Beyond being the most sustainable solution, thermal deoilers also save operators on chemical purchasing cost, handling hazards, and also disposal fees.

To date, Epcon has manufactured more than 4,300 industrial systems deployed across North America and major installations around the world. Epcon has the design, manufacturing and validation testing resources to meet and exceed customer expectations at our 250,000 sq ft vertically integrated manufacturing operations in The Woodlands, TX, and an international service team to ensure your equipment continue to perform in the field.

Whether you need upgrade an existing system or have a challenging industrial cleaning need, Epcon’s engineering team can develop a custom solution to suit your needs. Our robust thermal cleaning systems are built to exceed the highest industry standards.

In many of our Thermal Cleaning Systems, especially thermal deoilers, our engineers have incorporated our patented heat-recovery technology from our Air Pollution Equipment. These integrated combinations systems recover thermal energy and can provide hot air for ovens, hot water for washers and steam for indirect heating.

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Thermal Deoilers

Protecting the Environment
Through Technology.

Our team can provide a range of energy efficient solutions, with regulatory and testing experience, to ensure optimal performance and air pollution control compliance.

Our committed to providing environmentally sound solutions goes beyond our technical expertise. We care about what we do to improve the quality of life for future generations. We pledge to forge responsible, technological advances as a company dedicated to a cleaner tomorrow.

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When you do business with Epcon, you deal with a Company you can trust.

As a premier design, engineering, and manufacturing company, Epcon delivers only products and services of the highest quality and value. 

We have a passion for excellence; aggressive performance standards; curious and innovative approach; and willing  to take prudent risks. At Epcon, we view problems and challenges as opportunities to demonstrate our talents and expertise.

We are committed to maintaining an ethical, safe, and healthy work environment, while providing professional freedom. opportunity, and rewards to all employees. Epcon values long-term relationships not just with our loyal employees, but with our customers, suppliers, and community.

We Rely on Repeat Business

Serving the same Loyal Customers for 45 years.

As a global pioneer in the process heating and air pollution control industry, Epcon has a reputation for not only highly quality manufacturing and engineering expertise, but also honesty and integrity. 

Our success has been built on repeat business. Epcon’s Equipment last for several decades – and so does our commitment to our Customers.

When you choose Epcon as an industrial supplier – you are in good hands.

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