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Social - Promoting Community, Diversity and Growth

Founding & Guiding Ethics

Social Values

Employee Development

Epcon takes great pride in employee development, at all levels, providing ongoing OSHA Safety and technical training . Epcon encourages employees to further their education with a fee-paying program; as well as promoting from the inside. Talent retention is our secret to loyal customer service and overall business success. Our employees build relationships with our customers over decades of service. Epcon is known for the professional freedom, upward mobility, recognition and rewards it provides to its employees.

Community Health

Industrial Manufacturing involves physical safety hazards, as well as potential fires and explosions on site, to the long term affects of exposure to air and water pollution . Protecting our Employees, our Customer’s workforce and the communities they operate in is our top priority. Not only do we adhere to strict OSHA regulations, but we also design each system with multiple safety mechanisms, such as emergency shut downs, Flame arrestors and flashback protection.

Responsible Supply Chain & Material Sourcing

Custom Manufacturing requires mitigating supply chain risk while ensuring responsible raw material souring, quality component assembly, and trusted transportation of finished products. Epcon prioritizes transparent and sustainable sourcing principles, with a stringent procurement process and long-term working partnerships with suppliers and service providers that we know well.

Commitment to US Manufacturing

Since our founding in 1977, Epcon has been committed to keeping America strong by supporting local businesses and promoting US manufacturing. Our state-of-the-art technology optimizes and cleans industrial processes, to keep our national production base competitive.

Diversity Equity & Inclusion

Epcon was founded as “the American dream” by an eager entrepreneurial immigrant. Its in our cultural DNA to always support the underdog and ensure inclusion and diversity in the workplace. We are an equal opportunity employer, with strict policies against discrimination and harassment. Open communication is highly encouraged, through our “open door policy” across the company . Epcon considers all its employees as family members.

Community Health

The most significant community health and safety risks and impacts associated with the manufacturing sector arise from air emissions, which contaminates our water bodies as it returns as acid rain, as well as solid and liquid waste handling, storage and disposal, and the potential for major accidents related to fires, explosions or accidental release of toxic substances. From odor mitigation systems for coffee roasters and rendering facilities, to air pollution control and water treatment systems, Epcon works to limit negative impacts of manufacturing on the ecosystems and communities they operate in.
Prioritizing Regenerative Systems

Providing Sustainable Solutions.

Read more about  Epcon’s work in ESGs through our dedicated Environment, Social & Governance Pages. Our Commitment to doing the right thing today and building a better tomorrow is what has kept us successfully in business for the past 45 years!


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Epcon Through the UNs 17 Sustainable Development Goals

Take one minute to explore our work culture, policies and operations through the lens of the each of the United Nation's SDG Goals. We proudly commit to the environment and sustainable development on every level - From inside our organization to the lasting impacts of the products we manufacture.​


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