Pipe Coating and Coupling Oven for OCTG Facility​

Project No 41161

Pipe Coating and Coupling Oven for OCTG Facility

The Challenge

Epcon was approached by a Pipe Coating Faciltiy to Design, Build, Commission and Service its Complete OCTG (Oil Country Tubular Goods) Pipe Coating Facilities operations. Epcon’s systems had to be custom designed for each application to ensure that every system meets the targeted throughput, quality, capital and operating cost objectives.

The Solution

Epcon designed a Space Saving Coupling and Component Oven System. This innovative coupling and component oven systems provides pre-bake and curing capabilities in a single space saving package and since received a patent.  The design incorporated our proprietary high velocity hot air supply nozzles ensuring uniform temperature across products while the novel material handling system mitigates the potential for uneven coating of parts.

The Results

The compact design not only performed but also provided 2 functions pre-bake and curing- under one oven footprint. Additionally the design was ulta energy efficient as thermal energy could be applied to both processes simultaneously.

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