Sectioned Oven with Guillotine Door for US Airforce Planes

Project No 4043

Sectioned Oven with Guillotine Door for US Airforce Planes

The Challenge

The US Government had a very competitive bid to build a unique Industrial Oven for airplane parts. Not only were the project demands a challenge, Epcon had to comply with the stringent supplier requirements.

The Solution

Epcon won the bid with an innovative system like none other proposed –  two (2) combustion chambers located on top, and three (3) guillotine doors. This Large Oven was approximately 15’ W x 15’ H x 40’ L.  Each 20’ section of the Oven can operate independently or as a single unit.

The Results

The ability to segment the oven and control various section temperature independently  saved on fuel, by allowing only the amount of oven space required for the parts to be used. Additionally this feature extends the flexibility of the line, by allowing various sized parts and batches to heat treated independently or simultaneously.   

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