Variable Source Oven System for Upstream Energy Company ​

Project No 935

Variable Source Oven System for Upstream Energy Company

The Challenge

An Upstream Energy Services Companies required a new and cutting-edge technology to expand its exploration capabilities and techniques. The project required ovens to process downhole measuring sensors. With oil prices at a low at the time of the order, the operations had strict project and operating budgets in place.

The Solution

Epcon engineered and manufactured an innovative conveyorized Oven system for this repeat customer, to meet their unique exploration techniques and drilling equipment demands. One Oven was designed to operate using steam as a source of heat, and the other Oven uses natural gas as a source of heat.

The Results

The Ovens met the stringent operating parameters while mainlining within the tight budget and project timeline. Additionally our engineers were able to utilize heat recovery to operate one oven entirely using steam, thus saving on operating fuel demands.

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