Patent 9726429 Wood processing oven and method

Patent 9726429

Wood Processing Oven & Method

This patent was developed for an application to treat wood products, both natural and synthetic.

Special coatings are applied to laminated and unlaminated wood paneling, which requires precision heat treatment for all surfaces.

Systems and methods for treating wood and wood products, including a wood treating zone, an air heating zone, a heated air supply zone, and a cooled air return zone. Heating units feed conduits defining one or more heat transfer surfaces and an indirect heat exchange substructure. The heated air supply zone includes left and right heated air plenums, and the cooled air return zone includes a return duct, all internal of the wood treating zone. A movable cart moves spaced apart, stacked wood products in and out of the wood heating zone. The cart and wood thereon fit closely within but do not touch the wood treating zone. An internal air blower in the heated air supply zone intelligently recirculates the air to maintain uniform temperatures and airflow in the heating zones. An exhaust blower vents some of the cooled air.

Epcon developed this air supply system through specially-designed plenums, including return air plenums.

Combination of temperature, pressure and velocity, all of which are critical and variable, and adjustable.


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