Patent 10099248 Method for pipe coupling oven

Patent 10099248

Advanced Treatment Method for Pipe Coupling Oven

Epcon developed this patent to treat oilfield services coating-cured metal pipe couplings.

Systems and methods for treating metal pipe couplings, including a frame and insulated panels attached to the frame forming an oven. A pre-heat zone and a bake zone inside the oven, the pre-heat zone separated from the bake zone by a shared oven wall. A combustion burner and recirculation blower are positioned in opposite ends of the oven in a pre-heat zone combustion/recirculation chamber. Another burner and recirculation blower pair are positioned in oppo­site ends of the oven in a bake zone combustion/recircula­tion chamber. Heated air supply plenums are fluidly con­nected to respective recirculation blowers, and include direction-adjustable nozzles to direct heated air generally downward onto pipe couplings moving through the preheat and bake zones. Return air plenums positioned in each of the pre-heat and bake zones each have an air inlet, and an outlet fluidly connected to respective combustion/recirculation chambers. Originally developed in the late 70s, but only pursued a patent on the design for after 40+ years and building 50+ Ovens for the oilfield industry, to defend our engineering.


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