Patent 6149707 Method for pyrocleaning metal components

Patent 6149707

Method for Pyrocleaning Metal Components

This patent is a method for pyrocleaning that degreases metal components using an oven, an oxidizer, a system gas supply and exhaust, and heat exchangers. The degreasing is accomplished by first transporting the metal components through the oven and exposing the oil coated metal components to hot gases which have a temperature above the vaporization point of the oil. The hot gases are introduced into the oven, and upon contact with the metal components, the gases cause the oil to evaporate from the metal components. The resultant hydrocarbon-filled surrounding gases are then evacuated from the oven and transported to the oxidizer. In the oxidizer, the hydrocarbon-filled gases are exposed to a burner that catalyzes the oxidation process. After exiting from the oxidizer, the hydrocarbon-free gases are discharged into the atmosphere. The oven also includes at least one low and at least one high pressure gas supply injectors which together serve as the heating source for the oven. The high pressure gas supply injector also acts to increase the evaporation rate of the oil, and thereby decrease the resident heating time of the metal components. A second heat exchanger, in addition to a first heat exchanger, provides efficiency to the system.


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