Thermal Deoiler Reduces Wastewater for AC Manufacturer​

Project No 1550

Thermal Deoiler Reduces Wastewater for AC Manufacturer

The Challenge

When the EPA banned the use of Tetrachloroethane  as a deoiling and degreasing solvent, the air conditioning and heating manufacturing industry was faced with the challenges of restrictive regulations immediately needed re engineered solution to find a substitute cleaning agent or alternate technology.

The previous cleaning method, which utilized chemical spray or dip systems for the aluminum fins brazing for condensers, radiators, air conditioning coils, was no longer viable.

The Solution

Epcon has vast experience in designing and building Thermal Deoiling systems for industrial products such as Drill Pipes and Heat Exchanger tubing.  Based on our experience, Epcon offered the Thermal Deoiling solution to a major automotive manufacture.  Epcon designed and patented a Thermal Deoiler Cleaning system to be paired with a Thermal Oxidizer, and a primary and secondary heat exchanger for the application. The system not only ensures zero emissions, but also eliminates the use of toxic deoiling and cleaning chemicals and waste water post-treatment. 

The Results

All the Systems designed by Epcon are highly fuel efficient and we try to recycle the thermal energy from the Air pollution control equipment when possible. However Epcon’s patented deoiler is not only fuel efficient but also saves millions of gallons of chemical waste water from our oceans and watersheds.

Companies were spending millions of dollars for these cleaning chemicals, and their disposal. Epcon’s system reduced that cost by 4000 – 5000%. This is one of our biggest achievements.

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