Epcon Advises on Government PFAS Policy

Image - Epcon Advises on Government PFAS Policy

Epcon’s advisory work with the Department of Commerce via the Environmental Technology Trade Advisory Committee ( ETTAC) regarding the regulations around PFAS and “forever chemicals” made the headlines. Learn more about the environmental and health concerns with PFAS substances and how bans could affect global supply chains.

Advisory panel urges Commerce to press EU on PFAS regs’ trade implications | InsideTrade.com

PFAS, short for Per- and Polymorphically Substances, are a group of man-made chemicals that have been around since the 1940s. Recent studies have linked PFAS exposure to a range of health problems, including increased cholesterol levels, changes in liver enzymes, decreased vaccine response in children, and increased risks of certain cancers. What’s more alarming is that PFAS contamination is widespread, affecting water supplies, air, and soil across the globe, making it a pressing public health concern.

As we push for stronger regulations and safer alternatives, it’s crucial to stay informed and reduce your exposure by avoiding products made with these chemicals, advocating for clean water, stricter regulations around air quality and industrial manufacturing involving PFAS chemicals and supporting policies that aim to responsibly eliminate PFAS use. Contact Epcon to learn how we can mitigate PFAS pollution and help make a difference for our health and the planet. PFAS Awareness / Environmental Health / Take Action


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