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Trailer Mobile TO 1 e1630239075736 - Rental Equipment

Rental Equipment

Rental Thermal Oxidizers Service Overview Rental Equipment Epcon carries a full range of Thermal Oxidizers, Industrial Ovens, Industrial Furnaces and Direct Fired Thermal Oxidizers available as rental and lease units to fit your needs. Whether you are requiring temporary equipment while renovating or outfitting your operations, or in need of a mobile solution in the […]
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qtq80 8iV09p - Spare Parts

Spare Parts

Industrial Equipment Spare Parts Service Overview Spare Parts Why risk downtime and fines for being out compliance? Epcon recommends always being prepared with critical spare parts to keep your systems operating at 100%. Our service team can recommend a set of spare parts to keep in stock. Even if your system is old or supplied […]
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PC171866 Oxidizer 2 Can RTO Combustion Chamber Install scaled - Upgrades & Retrofits

Upgrades & Retrofits

Upgrades and Retrofits Services Service Overview Upgrades & Retrofits Our Engineers and Service Team can modify our systems and even those of the competition, ensuring optimal performance with minimal down-time and costs. Complete on-site rebuild and retrofitting capabilities allow for quick process modifications that translate into time and money saved in the long run. Mobile […]
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DSC00916 1 scaled - Preventative Maintenance & Service

Preventative Maintenance & Service

Preventative Maintenance and Service Service Overview Preventative Maintenance & Service ​ Epcon highly recommends routine evaluation and inspection of all process heating and air pollution control systems to improve the operating life and performance of your systems. We provide 24/7 on-site Service calls as well as preventative maintenance programs, that can result in significant operating […]
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P6140018 Recuperative Thermal Oxidizer Install - Installation, Commissioning & Training

Installation, Commissioning & Training

Installation, Commissioning and Training Service Overview Installation, Commissioning & Training Epcon takes great pride and care in the commissioning process, ensuring that the shipping, on-site installation, testing and start-up run smoothly. All of our systems are pre-assembled, pre-wired and full factory tested at Epcon’s facility so that you have the piece of mind your installed […]
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Nexeo scaled - Electrical Programming & Controls Systems

Electrical Programming & Controls Systems

Electrical Programming and Controls Systems Service Overview Electrical Programming & Controls Systems An integrated control system, whether designing a new controls package or updating your existing system to a new controls scheme, is the most effective way to enhance any complex industrial manufacturing process. A well-designed control system not only ensures greater safety and hazard […]
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DSCN2362 - Manufacturing & Testing

Manufacturing & Testing

Manufacturing and Testing Services Service Overview Manufacturing & Testing Epcon is one of the few industrial equipment suppliers that has our own on-site manufacturing capabilities. With over 250,000 sq ft of manufacturing space and state of the art fabrication equipment – no project is too large or complex. By doing everything in-house and under one […]
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qtq80 fKgkjm e1630241879159 - Engineering & Design Services

Engineering & Design Services

Engineering and Design Services Service Overview Engineering & Design Epcon’s technical staff is made up of experienced Chemical and Mechanical Engineers with in-depth knowledge, not only of our products, but also of the industries we serve. This allows us to assist every customer at the early stages of each project. Using the most technically advanced software, the […]
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qtq80 10agNt e1630243268271 - Environmental Consulting

Environmental Consulting

Environmental Consulting Services Service Overview Environmental Consulting Epcon’s environmental specialist are experts at evaluating your process streams emissions and finding the best solution to destroy the toxic VOC’s present, so your operations stay compliant at all times. Process Emissions Analysis Epcon can perform a detailed analysis and study of your specific process emission stream to […]
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safety certification on job - Process Evaluation & Technology Selection

Process Evaluation & Technology Selection

Process Evaluation and Technology Selection Service Overview Process Evaluation & Technology Selection Epcon will do a complimentary evaluation of your existing process and operating needs upfront. Our application Engineers are trained experts at providing optimized solutions with the primary objective of increasing production efficiencies that save on operating cost and increase overall value across all […]
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