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Industrial Ovens

Industrial Ovens Product Overview Custom Industrial Ovens With several patents around process heating systems – nothing is too complex, and no size is too big for us. Over the past 45 years Epcon has designed all types and configurations, including Batch and Automated Conveyorized Ovens across industries and applications. Epcon has designed and built over […]
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Coming soon Dehydration Product Overview Dehydration Oven Dehydration ovens have a variety of applications, however, are most commonly found in the food processing industry.  There are several phases of the dehydration process, and the time, temperatures, air flows and humidity need to all be carefully monitored, adjusted, and maintained to ensure the product is properly […]
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Laminating Product Overview Laminating Ovens Laminating is the industrial process of bonding two or more pieces of material together to create a new and different material. Laminating can be done on a wide array of materials, such as fabrics, foam, particle boards or MDF, vinyl, paper, glass, and PVC, and is a critical step in […]
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Fusing & Bonding Product Overview Fusing & Bonding Ovens Fusing and bonding furnaces are utilized to join high-strength and refractory metals – those that are either difficult or impossible to weld. The bonding process involves applying high temperature and pressure to similar or dissimilar metals fused together in a hot press, which causes the atoms […]
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Aging Product Overview Aging Furnace Aging is a form of heat treatment often utilized in the Aluminum industry. The aging process is a very sensitive time and temperature dependent heat treatment that strengthens the various properties found in aluminum alloys. It is called “aging” as this process would occur naturally over time, but the heat-treatment […]
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Baking Product Overview Industrial Baking Ovens Baking ovens are uses in wide range of product manufacturing of applications from the pharmaceutical industry to advanced powder coating. The term baking in reference to non-food production is often used interchangeably with curing. Non- food baking refers to the use of heat to release moisture, release chemical compounds […]
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Drying Product Overview Drying Ovens Dry off or drying ovens are a critical final step in many production processes across a wide range of applications. Drying not only removes the moisture content from coatings and various substrates but is also used in sterilizing materials such as medical and lab equipment. Drying ovens can range from […]
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Curing Product Overview Curing Ovens Curing ovens are used for a variety of applications across industries involving paint, powder and sealant coating, epoxy resin, thermoplastics, adhesives, laminate coatings, rubber, polymers, carbon fiber, plastic composites, and more. Curing applications use heat to create a chemical reaction to cure a finish or adhesive onto a product, or […]
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Composite Product Overview Composite Curing Oven The term “homogenization” refers to the process of making things more uniform or similar and is a form of annealing know as diffusion. Homogenizing ovens are often used to process aluminum alloys to ensure the precipitating elements are evenly distributed, creating a uniform internal structure and high-quality aluminum product […]
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Coil Coating

Coil Coating Ovens Product Overview Coil Coating Ovens For over 43 years, Epcon has been the Oven  supplier of choice by the industry’s leading coil coaters. Widely recognized as the most efficient and cost-effective way to pre-paint steel and aluminum substrates, coil coating is a continuous and automated process for coating pre-fabricated metal. Epcon’s Industrial […]
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