Epcon’s business continues to be strong, which is a result of our hard work and being focused on serving our existing and new customers. 

There is still a silver lining among the dark clouds of the talk of recession, that the economy shall remain the same or improve from here on.   There is a mixed bag of information; the pessimist, the sceptics, and the realists – it remains to be seen in the next few months. There are signs of inflation going down.  And, the demand for labor is very strong and the employment is at the highest level in many years.  However, there remains a tremendous shortage of skilled labor, at all levels, welders, truck drivers, engineers and other skills, without a clear end in sight. Additionally, certain critical items, such as electronic components which use chips, still have a long delivery.  We are working through these difficult situations and making good headway.

Epcon is very optimistic that towards the end of this year and in 2023, the manufacturing economy will be in great shape. All of us at Epcon are looking forward to the exciting new projects underway as we head into Q4.

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if you have specific expectations,
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