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Pioneering Project

Our entrepreneurial young CEO, Aziz Jamaluddin, founds Epcon Industrial Systems with a custom air pollution control and heat recovery system for Sharney Container (Mauser), one of the largest 55 Gallon Drum Manufacturers in Houston. The leading edge design earned him a patent and from there several 55 Gallon Drum projects followed. Learn more about 1977 […]
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Oilfield Drill Pipe

Awarded its first pipe coating application for a major supplier of Drill Pipe. The engineering of the unique system earned Mr. Jamaluddin a patent on for drill and line pipe coating and another patent for pipe burn out ovens while saving on operating cost and cutting production time down from 24 to 4 hours. With the Oil Boom in […]
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Soil Remediation

Completes a comprehensive soil remediation project for over 3 acres of land for Los Angeles’ LAX airport expansion, with 100% success and 6 months ahead of schedule.
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US Military Contract

Awarded many project through the US Department of Defense for facility expansions and Industrial equipment production, including several naval and air force bases.
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