Reach Profit Targets by Customizing Your Industrial Equipment

For any industrial manufacturing facility, customizing an Industrial Oven or Furnace is one of the best ways to reduce operating costs and enhance productivity. When re-engineering your process heating equipment it is very important to carefully select an experienced company that can assess all design criteria and operating parameters.

Epcon has over 43 years of experience providing industries with custom-engineered and designed Industrial Ovens and Furnaces.

No matter how complex or the size of the project, our engineering and the design team are fully equipped to turn your concept into reality. As a turnkey operation, we offer all necessary services under one roof, including custom engineering, 3D modeling and simulations, manufacturing, testing and commissioning, as well as ongoing maintenance and after sales support. Epcon has the experience of designing and building over 4000 systems for large, mid-sized and small companies around the globe

Epcon’s in-depth technical competence combined with a fully equipped, 250,000 square foot onsite manufacturing facility ensures customers achieve the desired performance and profitability from their systems. Epcon is a reputed name in Process Heating equipment manufacturing, known for providing custom Industrial Ovens and Furnaces. No two operations are the same, and that is why Epcon works with our customers to provide the best system to optimize their unique process needs. Whether its batch, conveyorized or automated systems, Epcon will assess your operating needs and deliver the highest quality, most efficient process heating equipment available.

From concept to completion, Epcon delivers quality equipment that meets and exceeds our customer’s needs while also meeting stringent environmental requirements.

Epcon’s engineering and the manufacturing team have years of experience in providing Air Pollution Control Technology, specifically Thermal Oxidizers.

Epcon’s systems are highly energy efficient and the following systems could be employed for the destruction of   VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), the contaminants in the exhaust coming out of a process

Recuperative Thermal Oxidizers, Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers (RTOs), Catalytic Oxidizers and Direct Fired Thermal Oxidizers, all achieving high levels of VOC destruction and maintaining emission levels below regulatory standards.

Epcon’s expertise lies in the integration of the customer’s process heating operations with Thermal Oxidizer requirements.  During the oxidation process, inclusion of heat recovery ensures lot of cost savings by minimizing operating fuel usage. Our team not only has in-depth knowledge about the products, but also about the industries and applications to deliver quality performance that will exceed expectations. The list of process that utilize our technology includes coil coating operations, paint finishing systems, chemical processing, wastewater treatment and many more!

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How can you enhance the Productivity of your Industrial Oven or Furnace?

Epcon Industrial Systems specializes in custom designing and manufacturing of Process Heating Equipment, including Industrial Ovens and furnaces of varying sizes and capacities to suit a wide range of applications include aging, sterilization, drying, tempering, annealing, and more. Based on your requirement, Epcon can customize your industrial Oven or Furnace to increase productivity, improve quality and stay within your budget with cost-effective solutions.

Epcon also provides Air Pollution Control Equipment, such as Thermal Oxidizers:  Recuperative, Regenerative, Catalytic and Direct Fired Thermal Oxidizers, as well as Specialty and Finishing Systems.

Epcon Industrial Systems provides you with a team of experts who have the cutting-edge knowledge to provide you with innovative solutions at the most affordable price. Our team includes leading industry experts from across various fields who will work with the customer to find the perfect custom solutions for the specific process and operation. We not only specialize in custom engineering and design, but also fabricate and test all industrial equipment at our on-site 250,000 square foot modern manufacturing plant to ensure 100% quality control and on-time delivery.

The technical team of Epcon Industrial Systems includes experienced Mechanical and Chemical Engineers who have an in-depth knowledge of not only respective industrial products, but about the industry as well. This amalgamation of knowledge helps our team to assist a wide variety of project applications from concept to completion. Epcon utilizes advanced software including process flow simulations and 3D modeling to design the required systems for accuracy and to ensures that your business operations are optimized and the most cost effective. Our team of engineers is equipped to provide you the best solutions for your business operations and needs.

Over the last 40 plus years, Epcon has served almost every industry, including Aluminum, A/C manufacturing, Aerospace, Ammunitions, Automotive, Chemical and Petrochemical, , Coil Coating,and the list continues. We pride ourselves in being an innovative leader across industries.

Epcon is also a one-stop-solution for rental equipment, service and maintenance, spare parts, rebuilds and retrofits. Prior to leaving the factory, all equipment is fully inspected and backed by our team of experienced technical staff. When you work with Epcon, we guarantee to ensure you have complete peace of mind for the operating life of your equipment.  Contact Epcon today for quotes!