Epcon has been a leading innovator in Design and Manufacture of Continuous Ovens for a range of web processing applications since its founding in 1977. Epcon’s proprietary and patented designs have been deployed across a broad range of industries. From high speed laminating lines to small custom lines for low volume advanced materials production.

Epcon’s Industrial Continuous Ovens are designed to meet the specific requirements for each application. From concept through manufacturing, acceptance testing at our site to start-up, commissioning and service/support the team of experts at Epcon work together with you to insure 100% customer satisfaction.

Each application and customer has a unique set of performance, quality and cost constraints for their project. Epcon’s vertically integrated business model insures that we are in the best position to help you meet all of your project goals.

Some of the unique and proprietary features of Epcon’s continuous oven designs include; Integrated Internal Exhaust Plenums, EEZ Energy Efficient Zone Control Temperature Control Modules and Integrated Emissions Controls with Secondary Heat Recovery.

Continuous industrial oven design
Continuous industrial oven design

Integrated Internal Exhaust Plenums:

Uniformity of product drying and curing is critical to produce product quality. Epcon’s proprietary integrated internal exhaust plenums facilitate precise tuning of the oven balance insuring uniform and consistent delivery of heat throughout the work envelope which results in uniform and consistent product drying and curing.

“EEZ” Energy Efficient Zone Control Temperature Control Modules:

Complementing the integrated internal exhaust plenums are Epcon’s proprietary “EEZ” Energy Efficient Zone Control temperature control modules. Often used in the higher rate continuous ovens, each of these modules incorporates tandem recirculation fans and direct fired trim burners for each of the oven zones. Each of the recirculation fans are individually VFD controlled and tied to their own recirculation supply plenum at the top and bottom of each oven zone. Together with Epcon’s proven proprietary adjustable nozzles we are able to fine tune oven balance and tightly control flow throughout the oven resulting in exceptional and proven edge to edge temperature uniformity in continuous product (e.g. Coil, Web, etc) processing applications.

Integrated Emissions Controls with Secondary Heat Recovery:

Epcon’s proprietary integrated Thermal Oxidizer system utilizes primary and in many cases secondary heat exchangers to extract energy from the heat released from oxidizing the volatile solvents evaporated during the drying/curing process. This approach often provides most of the heat required to run the ovens while concurrently meeting air emissions compliance regulations. Energy from the Thermal Oxidizer is directed to our “EEZ” Energy Efficient Zone Temperature Control Modules to extract the maximum amount of energy available and insure precise and accurate temperature control for each zone.


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