NOx (and SOx) emissions are components of acid rain – when mixed with water vapor in the clouds they form nitric (and sulfuric) acid.

NOx participates in smog (photochemical ozone) formation by reacting with VOCs in the presence of sunlight – smog is a respiratory and eye irritant. NOx is primarily composed of NO and NO2, and most thermal NOx is NO.

NOx Abatement Strategies:

Abate the formation process (reduce fuel NOx)

  • Use low Nitrogen gaseous fuels
  • Control the oxidation of nitrogen bound hydrocarbons

Combustion modifications (reduce thermal NOx)

  • Reduce flame temperature by premixing fuel and air
  • Decrease O2 content with flue gas recirculation (FGR)
  • Thermal NOx is a by-product of unnecessarily high temperatures in the flame

Flue gas clean-up (eliminate unavoidable NOx)

  • Selective Non Catalytic Reduction (SNCR)
  • New technologies (catalytic adsorption, wet scrubbers)

SOx Abatement Strategies:

SOx emissions can be formed by the combustion oxidation of Sulfur bearing compounds commonly found in many industrial vent streams. Similar to the concepts outlined above, mitigation of Sulfur Compounds in the vent stream will reduce generation of SOx.

Depending on the nature of the vent stream, a range of solid and liquid phase adsorption/absorption technologies can be employed to capture Sulfur bearing compounds ahead of any Thermal Oxidation processes which may be required to remove associated Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). Depending on the amount and degree of VOC and SOx removal required, post treatment of SOx after Thermal Oxidation may be the most robust and cost effective means of managing SOx emissions.

Epcon has designed, manufactured, commissioned and serviced a broad range of NOx and SOx systems across different industries/applications around the globe. Epcon has provided these services as stand-alone controls or as a part of a complete emissions control solutions.

Please contact us to discuss your specific application requirements and to learn more about the innovative NOx and SOx Abatement strategies Epcon has provided to our customers since 1977.

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