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Industrial Furnaces

Industrial Furnaces Product Overview Custom Industrial Furnaces Over the past 45 years Epcon has designed Batch and Automated Conveyorized Furnaces across industries and applications. Epcon has designed and built over 4,300 systems for large and small companies in the United States and abroad. With several patents around process heating systems, we have provided Industrial Furnaces […]
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Homogenizing Product Overview Homogenizing Furnaces The term “homogenization” refers to the process of making things more uniform or similar and is a form of annealing know as diffusion. Homogenizing ovens are often used to process aluminum alloys to ensure the precipitating elements are evenly distributed, creating a uniform internal structure and high-quality aluminum product that […]
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Forging Product Overview Forge Furnaces Industrial Furnaces typically operate in a temperature range of between 1200oF and 2200oF with special applications capable of higher and lower temperatures. Forge Furnaces, for the pretreatment of materials prior to Forging, are typically operated in a temperature range of between 1800oF and 2200oF. Epcon’s Industrial Forge Furnaces are designed […]
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Normalizing Product Overview Normalizing Furnaces Normalizing Furnaces perform a specific heat treatment typically on steel alloys to increase ductile strengths and durability. Normalizing is typically performed in a box type furnace on structures and structural components that will be subject to machining after another process treatment has reduced its ductile ability and increased its harness, […]
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Control Atmosphere Brazing

Control Atmosphere Brazing Product Overview Controlled Atmosphere Brazing Furnace A Controlled Atmosphere Brazing system utilizes uniform precision and solid-state induction to braze conductive materials with in a tightly controlled atmosphere. The unique relationship balance of time, temperature, and atmosphere in a Control Atmosphere Brazing (CAB) furnace provides a brazing environment that was previously only possible […]
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Heat Treating

Heat Treating Product Overview Heat Treat Furnaces Heat treatment encompasses a broad range of applications including Annealing, Normalizing, Solutionizing, Aging, Hardening and Tempering processes. Each of these processes is material and applications specific. However, they all share a common need for precise and accurate control. Industrial Furnaces operate in a temperature range of as low […]
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Annealing Product Overview Annealing Furnace Annealing is a time-consuming heat treatment process used to soften material to its lowest hardness and is often used to improve machinability or formability. Steel and plastic are both materials that are commonly treated in an annealing oven. When processed and formed, the material strength can be compromised and reduce […]
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