Product Category: Finishing Systems

Paint & Coatings Curing Lines

Paint & Coating Curing Lines Product Overview Paint & Coating Curing Lines Curing ovens are used for a variety of applications across industries involving paint, powder and sealant coating, epoxy resin, thermoplastics, adhesives, laminate coatings, rubber, polymers, carbon fiber, plastic composites, and more. Curing applications use heat to create a chemical reaction to cure a […]
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Conveyorized & Material Handling Systems

Conveyorized & Material Handling Systems Product Overview Conveyorized Material Handling Systems Epcon can provide stand-alone finishing system ovens for your new or retrofit/refurbishment project as well as be your one stop shop for complete Finishing Systems including Washlines, Dry-off Ovens, Paint Booths, Flash-off and Cure Ovens, Material Handling/Conveyors as well as integration of the appropriate […]
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Paint and Powder Booths

Paint & Powder Booths Product Overview Paint & Powder Booth Paint and Powder Coating application booths play a number of roles within a complete finishing system. Providing a clean, temperate, and safe environment for the effective application of the paint or powder coating is central to those roles. Epcon is often called upon to provide […]
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Washlines and Multistage Washers

Washlines & Multistage Washers Product Overview Washlines & Multistage Washers Experienced finishing system experts know that the Washline is one of the most critical aspects of the overall finishing process. A successfully designed, fabricated and executed washline will ensure that the chosen chemistry for cleaning, pre-treatment and coating can perform effectively. With decades of experience […]
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