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How can you enhance the Productivity of your Industrial Oven or Furnace?

Epcon Industrial Systems specializes in custom designing and manufacturing of Process Heating Equipment, including Industrial Ovens and furnaces of varying sizes and capacities to suit a wide range of applications include aging, sterilization, drying, tempering, annealing, and more. Based on your requirement, Epcon can customize your industrial Oven or Furnace to increase productivity, improve quality and stay within your budget with cost-effective solutions.

Epcon also provides Air Pollution Control Equipment, such as Thermal Oxidizers:  Recuperative, Regenerative, Catalytic and Direct Fired Thermal Oxidizers, as well as Specialty and Finishing Systems.

Epcon Industrial Systems provides you with a team of experts who have the cutting-edge knowledge to provide you with innovative solutions at the most affordable price. Our team includes leading industry experts from across various fields who will work with the customer to find the perfect custom solutions for the specific process and operation. We not only specialize in custom engineering and design, but also fabricate and test all industrial equipment at our on-site 250,000 square foot modern manufacturing plant to ensure 100% quality control and on-time delivery.

The technical team of Epcon Industrial Systems includes experienced Mechanical and Chemical Engineers who have an in-depth knowledge of not only respective industrial products, but about the industry as well. This amalgamation of knowledge helps our team to assist a wide variety of project applications from concept to completion. Epcon utilizes advanced software including process flow simulations and 3D modeling to design the required systems for accuracy and to ensures that your business operations are optimized and the most cost effective. Our team of engineers is equipped to provide you the best solutions for your business operations and needs.

Over the last 40 plus years, Epcon has served almost every industry, including Aluminum, A/C manufacturing, Aerospace, Ammunitions, Automotive, Chemical and Petrochemical, , Coil Coating,and the list continues. We pride ourselves in being an innovative leader across industries.

Epcon is also a one-stop-solution for rental equipment, service and maintenance, spare parts, rebuilds and retrofits. Prior to leaving the factory, all equipment is fully inspected and backed by our team of experienced technical staff. When you work with Epcon, we guarantee to ensure you have complete peace of mind for the operating life of your equipment.  Contact Epcon https://epconlp.com today for quotes!

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China recently signed the world’s largest trade deal with 14 Asia-Pacific countries, called the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, which excludes the United States. Some of the members of the China-led agreement were part of the U.S. negotiated TPP.

Under the phase-one deal, China agreed to purchase $200 billion worth of U.S. goods and services through 2021. China also agreed to develop an action plan to strengthen intellectual property protection and end forced technology transfers.


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Lawsuit says outdated EPA flaring rules have led to more pollution

A lawsuit against the EPA is focused on regulations that target flaring at petrochemical facilities, gasoline terminals, natural gas processing plants, compressor stations and solid waste landfills.


Ten environmental organizations, including Air Alliance Houston and Environment Texas, recently sued the Environmental Protection Agency, claiming that it failed to bolster flaring rules.


The suit claims that the EPA’s failure to update the standards for flaring, the practice of burning off excess gases to prevent more toxic pollution to escape, has increased emissions. The regulations target flaring at petrochemical facilities, gasoline terminals, natural gas processing plants, compressor stations and solid waste landfills.


The environmental groups say operators don’t always conduct the practice correctly, leading to the release of gases that endanger public health and contribute to climate change.


“Time and time again, EPA has admitted that flares operating under these outdated standards can release many times more toxic air pollutants into local communities than estimated,” Adam Kron, senior attorney for the Environmental Integrity Project, the leading plaintiff in the suit, said in a statement. “This can cause serious harm to public health.”




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Why Japanese Businesses Are So Good at Surviving Crises?


Harvard Business School professor Hirotaka Takeuchi, explains why Japanese Companies fair better during times of crisis. They are dedicated to responding to the needs of employees and the community first, all with the moral purpose of serving the common good. Less important for these companies, he says, was pursuing layoffs and other cost-cutting measures in the face of a crippled economy.

“Many Japanese companies are not that popular with Wall Street types because they are not as focused on gaining superior profitability and maximizing shareholder value,” he says. “They talk consistently instead about creating lasting changes in society.”


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How Manufacturers Can Increase Wages & Upward Mobility

About 30 million American workers without four-year college degrees have the skills necessary for jobs that pay 70% more than their current roles, according to a new study cited by The New York Times (subscription).

The Manufacturing Institute Vice President of Strategic Initiatives Gardner Carrick states that “We know that less than half the people that earn a manufacturing certification go to work in manufacturing. Those people have the skills to work in manufacturing, but are not doing so. And we know that is costing them between $10K–$15K in earnings every year.”



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The Trump administration on Wednesday finalized a rule that could prevent the Environmental Protection Agency from strengthening measures to combat airpollution and the climate crisis in the future.

EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler said Wednesday that the agency’s action ensures it is “consistent in evaluating costs and benefits when developing broad-reaching policies that affect the American public.”


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Epcon Testimonial Promotion

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Season’s Greetings from Epcon

Happy Holidays from your Friends at Epcon! We are so grateful to all of our loyal Customers and Industry Partners for such a wonderful year. Thank you for letting us serve you and keep your Oven and Furnace fires burning bright and Process Air as Pure as Snow!


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Check out Epcon’s new Article in Thermal Processing’s December Issue

Maintaining Uniform Target Temperature”

This article details Epcon’s latest design control system for batch ovens, equipped with high accuracy operating parameter requirements. READ MORE

Link to Thermal Processing Magazine PDF, Article Featured on Pages 32-35.


Link to Online Edition