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Meets Production and VOC Removal Demands for Automotive Manufacturer


Every manufacturing operation that produces finished painted metal products needs to assess the benefits of using pre-coated metal coils or applying paint directly on the finished product. Epcon Industrial Systems pursued a feasibility study for a large automotive manufacturer regarding its transition from the painting of metal parts on-site to the coating of coils used for various automobile parts. Both the coil coating process and the post-painting of automotive metal parts are notorious for high thermal requirements in coater rooms, in-house spray booths, curing ovens and volatile organic compound (VOC) removal.


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Manufacturer’s Guide to the 17 UNSDGs

Explore all the ways Epcon has been working towards the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, set up by the United Nations.

Building a better tomorrow and protecting the environment through technology is what we have been doing since our founding in 1977.

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Improving Efficiency and Sustainability in Composites Bonding

A new system comprising a curing oven, regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO), and secondary and tertiary heat exchangers can help reduce operating costs while ensuring the safe removal of volatile organic compounds during composite bonding processes.

Using this system significantly reduces a plant’s operating costs in terms of natural gas and electricity demands due to its highly efficient process integration and the optimal control system. Most importantly, this integrated system is designed to ensure that the gases discharged into the atmosphere meet stringent air quality standards at all times.

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Optimizing Process Operations – Epcon

In integrated control system is the most effective way to enhance any complex industrial manufacturing process. A well-designed control system not only ensures greater safety and hazard prevention, but it also allows for precise monitoring for strict operating parameters. While recommended for all industrial process equipment, for some applications, such as metal coil coating, a sophisticated controls system is a critical element for successful production. Process speeds, temperature ranges, airflows, and pressure, as well as air pollution control mechanism, all need to be closely monitored and adjusted for the progressive stages of production.
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Epcon Winter Newsletter 2021

Epcon is a well-known leader in designing and building Ovens and Oxidizers for Continuous Web Processing applications, where the web can be either steel or aluminum, paper, plastic, fiberglass and/or any composite material.  For this Automotive Industry customer, the challenge was designing a high velocity Oven with forced convection to process 60” wide Steel or Aluminum Web. This system uses our patented technology to integrate the functionality of Oven(s) with the Oxidizer, to increase efficiency, and this system was 100% installed and commissioned on a turnkey basis.

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Epcon – Over 40 Years Experience & 4000+ Systems Worldwide


Epcon Industrial Systems Designs and Manufactures Process Heating Equipment, Air Pollution Control, and Specialty Systems.


Custom Engineered with Advanced Heat Recovery Methods and Patented Technology to Optimize Operations.


Providing Across Industries & Applications. Our team Delivers Quality Systems, Complete with Lifetime Service & Maintenance.

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