Recuperative Thermal Oxidizers for Coffee Roasting

Epcon has extensive experience in designing and building Recuperative Thermal Oxidizers for the Coffee Roasting Industry.


A leader in the Coffee Industry needed equipment to control odor and eliminate VOC’s from Coffee Roasting. The company went out seeking the technical solutions and went to several manufacturers to locate the best possible technology. In the past they had used a Catalytic Oxidizer which easily became clogged with particulate matter and required the catalyst be changed frequently.


The Coffee Roaster generates exhaust with high particulate matter enriched with VOC’s. Epcon has built several systems for Coffee companies for similar applications to control VOC’s and odor.


Epcon analyzed the process and designed a Thermal Oxidizer which does not interrupt the roasting process and quality of the roasting. Epcon’s system treats the roaster exhaust in a recuperative thermal oxidizer to remove 99% of VOCs. Epcon has selected recuperative thermal oxidizer because they can reduce fuel consumption without having an issue with particulate matter present in the roaster exhaust.


Epcon was able to achieve the same fuel consumption as the Catalytic Oxidizer with the Recuperative Thermal Oxidizer and also handle the particulate matter in the exhaust without having an issue with clogging. We were also able to remove the odor and the VOC’s by 99%+. On an ongoing basis, Epcon provides Preventive Maintenance Service to the customer and the system has been operating very successfully.

Recuperative thermal oxidizer for coffee roasting
Recuperative thermal oxidizer for coffee roasting


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