Improve your Process Heating Equipment Design by an Experienced Industrial Oven & Furnace Company

Throughout industrial manufacturing processes in general, industrial Ovens and Furnaces are the most commonly used equipment. They serve a wide variety of purposes such as drying, burn-off, curing, annealing, pre-heating, heat treating, and the list continues. The different types, sizes and configurations of industrial oven and furnace designs varies based on the required application and operating parameters.  While there many industrial equipment suppliers available in the market, only handful have the right engineering capabilities along with onsite manufacturing to provide optimized custom equipment. From concept to completion; all systems are designed, manufactured, and tested under one roof.

Choosing an experienced company ensures that you have the level of expertise as well as right technology to handle projects of any size, as well as complexity. For over 40 years Epcon has been custom engineering, designing and manufacturing a wide variety of industrial Ovens and Furnaces across industries and applications. It’s critical to combine technical competence with the resources available to meet the performance and profit objectives of the end user.

With each system designed to meet the customer’s specific process requirements, and with the majority of our business being repeat business, Epcon has a long list of happy and satisfied customers.

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Our engineers work closely with our customer’s production and engineering team to develop the perfect system tailored to your unique process. Every production line is different, and understanding the customized needs allows us to fully optimize the Ovens and Furnaces; many of our systems also save the customer money by capturing and recycling the thermal energy in the process stream for other uses in the overall system.

At Epcon, a wide range of engineering services utilize the latest thermal dynamics modeling and 3-D rendering programs to test and model the equipment design to ensure the system is engineered to exceed our customer’s operating requirement.

The technical staff at Epcon not only has in-depth knowledge but also an expertise about the industries they are serving. This profound knowledge helps customer make the right decisions from the beginning of the project. Epcon’s engineers utilize technically advanced software, ensuring the custom design for each system is not only accurate, but will perform successfully for years to come.

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