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Industrial ovens are common equipment seen in the medical and pharmaceutical industries. They have many different types of uses and are essential in order to meet FDA, as well as EPA, guidelines.

Pharma’s Use of Industrial Ovens

The pharmaceutical industry uses ovens as industrial curing ovens to “bake on” coatings for pills. Some industrial ovens are used in conjunction with thermal oxidizers to “burn off” excess chemicals or waste created in the production of these products. The pharmaceutical industry also uses them to decontaminate the exterior of pre-sterilized products before use in a clean room, and for sterilizing lab testing equipment such as glass vials.

Industrial oven for medical and pharmaceutical industries

Sterilization of Medical Equipment

Another huge task tackled by industrial ovens in the healthcare industry is sterilizing medical instruments and devices. Some examples of the types of medical equipment decontaminated by industrial ovens include: syringes, scissors, scalpels, metallic surgical components such as metal rods and staples, replacement knees and hips, and many other parts.

Industrial ovens used in these industries require the ability to control the temperature exactly to make sure that all bacteria, viruses, microbes and other contaminants are eliminated so that these implements are safe to use.

Need a Customized Industrial Oven for Medical Use?

As you can see, the number and variety of uses for industrial ovens in the medical equipment, pharmaceutical and laboratory is considerable. Chances are whatever you need your industrial oven for will need to be customized to meet your specific requirements. Why not work with the best?

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