Increasing demand for affordable, lightweight, stamped metal parts has driven the development of specialty laminated metal products. These engineered materials combine the attributes of different gauges and grades of metal sheet, with those of high density polymer mastic dampening materials.

Together the completed laminated product provides outstanding strength, weight and vibration dampening performance at a lower total overall cost.

Producing these materials at affordable prices requires large scale coil laminating production lines. Insuring a consistent and uniform cure of the polymer mastic is critical to product performance. A leading developer of laminated metal sheet turned to Epcon to provide the critical continuous cure oven system for their new laminated aluminum sheet line.

Epcon drew from their decades of experience developing custom and innovative continuous oven systems to deliver a solution that achieves Peak Metal Temperatures (PMT) uniformity within +/- 0.5% of target across the 5-foot-wide multilayered laminated sheet traveling at speeds of approximately 270 feet per minute.

Utilizing Epcon’s proprietary “EEZ” Energy Efficient Zone Control temperature control modules was key to delivering the high velocity and high flow heat required to achieve the outstanding PMT uniformity seen in production. Each zone’s EEZ module includes tandem VFD controlled recirculation fans directed to dedicated top and bottom recirculation plenums, incorporating Epcon’s proprietary nozzle design.

Industrial curing oven design

The three-zone continuous oven system recovers heat from the custom integrated air pollution control system engineered by Epcon to direct hot clean air from the oxidizer exhaust to the EEZ Zone Controllers. This approach facilitates the highest energy recovery with the smallest overall package footprint.

Thanks to the performance and affordability of Epcon’s proprietary design and, the market demand for this specialty product, this customer has returned for multiple ovens to meet the increasing demand.

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By Dhaval Patel, Project Engineer, Epcon Industrial Systems, LP
With Contributions from Adam Halsband, Manager of Marketing and Business Development, Epcon Industrial Systems, LP