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Epcon listed in 28 categories for Process Heating 2021 Buyer’s Guide

As an industry leader in Process Heating Equipment, it is no wonder Epcon is listed in 28 Categories  in the Processing Heating 2021 Buyer’s Guide. Check out our website to see how Epcon can optimize your Industrial Ovens and Furnaces today. Link To PDF Magazine Also you can find Epcon at the Thermal Processing […]
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Improving Efficiency and Sustainability in Composites Bonding

A new system comprising a curing oven, regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO), and secondary and tertiary heat exchangers can help reduce operating costs while ensuring the safe removal of volatile organic compounds during composite bonding processes. Using this system significantly reduces a plant’s operating costs in terms of natural gas and electricity demands due to its […]
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How Manufacturers Can Increase Wages & Upward Mobility

About 30 million American workers without four-year college degrees have the skills necessary for jobs that pay 70% more than their current roles, according to a new study cited by The New York Times (subscription). The Manufacturing Institute Vice President of Strategic Initiatives Gardner Carrick states that “We know that less than half the people that earn […]
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China recently signed the world’s largest trade deal with 14 Asia-Pacific countries, called the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, which excludes the United States. Some of the members of the China-led agreement were part of the U.S. negotiated TPP. Under the phase-one deal, China agreed to purchase $200 billion worth of U.S. goods and services through 2021. […]
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Finally some good news reported by NAM on the Manufacturing Data in the US since the onset of Covid-19

  Manufacturers added 26,000 workers in July, slowing from gains of 240,000 and 357,000 in May and June, respectively, but still a solid increase. Despite the increases seen over the past three months, however, manufacturing employment was down by 740,000 in July relative to the level seen in February, illustrating the steep climb still needed to get […]
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West Cost Fires ‘Airpocalypse’

See how new air pollution sensors and apps are informing the public about their local air quality as wildfires rage across the West Coast.
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Lawsuit says outdated EPA flaring rules have led to more pollution

A lawsuit against the EPA is focused on regulations that target flaring at petrochemical facilities, gasoline terminals, natural gas processing plants, compressor stations and solid waste landfills.   Ten environmental organizations, including Air Alliance Houston and Environment Texas, recently sued the Environmental Protection Agency, claiming that it failed to bolster flaring rules.   The suit […]
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Why Japanese Businesses Are So Good at Surviving Crises?

Harvard Business School professor Hirotaka Takeuchi, explains why Japanese Companies fair better during times of crisis. They are dedicated to responding to the needs of employees and the community first, all with the moral purpose of serving the common good. Less important for these companies, he says, was pursuing layoffs and other cost-cutting measures in […]
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