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Epcon Delivers World-Class Custom Thermal Deoilers

We have been busy lately delivering custom industrial ovens, direct fired thermal oxidizers, but we’ve recently delivered several custom thermal deoilers based on our patented method of coupling heat processing systems and air pollution control systems to deliver these results. One of the thermal deoilers was delivered to a company providing stamping oil cleaning services for HVAC […]
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Looking for Rental Thermal Oxidizers?

Then be sure to check out Epcon’s full range of rental regenerative and recuperative thermal oxidizers. All of them, including trailer-mounted oxidizers are fully inspected and backed by our tech support and available for immediate delivery. For more information, just give us a call at (936) 273-3300, send us an email at, or complete our simple Get […]
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Is Epcon working for you?

Epcon is a full-service organization, from concept to completion; we can help you achieve your goals of either new #equipment or modernizing your existing equipment for higher fuel efficiency, better #performance, and compliance with the regulatory agencies.
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We are so proud to celebrate the 30 years of dedicated service from one of our cornerstone employees, Sarg Saleem. As Site Manager, Sarg keeps things operating smoothly for all of us here every day. A Big Thank you from Epcon.
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