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Epcon is proud to announce that we have received another patent! The patent is on a new method for pipe coupling thermal cleaning and coating curing oven. As a leader in thermal cleaning applications and innovative oven designs, Epcon is ready to engineer and build a custom system to revolutionize your process.
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EPCON is a proud member of the Environmental Technologies Trade Advisory Committee (ETTAC)

“The Secretary of Commerce invites membership applications for the 2020-2022 Charter of the Environmental Technologies Trade Advisory Committee (ETTAC)! Candidates should be senior executive-level representatives of U.S. environmental technologies companies, trade associations and non-profit organizations. Applications are due no later than September 30, 2020. You can find additional information at”
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Epcon’s patented Thermal Deoiling System Epcon is proud to be an industry supplier to leading Air Conditioning Evaporator and Condenser manufacturers to help the industry faced with the challenge of eliminating hazardous solvent based degreasing materials from their processes. Epcon’s patented Thermal Deoiling System continues to provide the world’s leading evaporator and condenser manufacturers with the most cost effective solution for their de-oiling operations. To learn more about our technology and experience
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EPCON Awarded a New Patent

EPCON Awarded a New Patent One of Epcon’s advantages is building Ovens and Oxidizer combinations, and we recently were awarded a patent, # 10,487,283 for one shared Oxidizer for two Coil Coating Paint line Ovens, Prime and Finish.
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Epcon – The Industry Leader

EPCON is a proud custom manufacturer, 100% Made in America, with quality products and attention to detail. With over 4000 air pollution control and process heating systems worldwide, several patents, and over 40 year experience, it is no wonder we are industry leaders. Our loyal customers see the long term value in our expertise and […]
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How Epcon’s Equipment Can Enhance Your Facility’s Finishing Systems

Epcon has been supporting finishing systems for facilities performing tasks such as cleaning (wash lines – multi-stage washers), painting and coating (paint booths) and curing (industrial ovens) for over 40 years. Epcon has perfected the use of its technology, components, and engineering experience for manufacturing air pollution control equipment in creating industrial finishing products that […]
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