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What is a Thermal Catalytic Oxidizer?

A thermal catalytic oxidizer is a thermal oxidation system–such as a regenerative thermal oxidizer or a recuperative thermal oxidizer–where a catalyst is added to the process to transform the exhaust for Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs) into CO2, water and excess heat which are safely released into the atmosphere. Basically, this catalyst allows the VOCs […]
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How to Optimize, Control & Monitor your Process Remotely?

Every customer has specific equipment design requirements, and those requirements significantly affect the process control demands. Therefore, our control systems are highly flexible and adjustable to meet customers’ specific needs. Although designs vary from system to system, the following facts are standard for our control systems: highest accuracy, minimal delays, friendly, easy-to-use user interface, and safety […]
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Reach Profit Targets by Customizing Your Industrial Equipment

For any industrial manufacturing facility, customizing an Industrial Oven or Furnace is one of the best ways to reduce operating costs and enhance productivity. When re-engineering your process heating equipment it is very important to carefully select an experienced company that can assess all design criteria and operating parameters. Epcon has over 43 years of experience providing industries […]
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What does a Direct Fired Thermal Oxidizer (DTFO) do and how does it work?

Epcon’s animation details the operations of this air pollution control system. This 25,000 SCFM Duel Process Direct Fired Thermal Oxidizer was designed and manufactured by Epcon in the USA. DFTOs (also called Afterburners) have low capital costs, and low installation and maintenance costs, and are effective for high VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) concentrations, yielding a […]
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Who can design integrated VOC solutions to reduce costs and increase efficiencies?

Epcon has been providing Air Pollution Control Systems for the Chemical Industries for over 40 years. As Flares and emissions regulations strengthen in the US, our team at Epcon is here to help design integrated VOC solutions that help reduce operating cost and increase production efficiencies. Contact us today to assess your Industrial Equipment needs!
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How can a Multi-zone Conveyorized Oven increase your capacity?

Multi-zone Conveyorized Oven. How do you double your processing capacity in your single manufacturing line? This Multi-zone oven features Dual Lanes with both Exterior and Interior Curing Oven with a separate Cooling Zone. With a wide range of system customizations, from overhead conveyors, wire mesh belts, pusher-dog chain assemblies to specialty racks and hanging fixtures […]
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Who can provide the latest design control systems for batch Ovens?

Many manufacturing applications and processes require temperatures and other operating parameters in an industrial oven or furnace to be controlled accurately, in real-time with minimal delays. A metal curing process for example, often requires the curing of adhesives or various polymers materials and their bonding to the metal surface, a highly temperature-sensitive process. The temperature […]
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