Trailer Mounted DTFO Unit for Soil Remediation by US Military​

Project No 773

Trailer Mounted DTFO Unit for Soil Remediation by US Military

The Challenge

The US Military needed a system for remediation work at their bases. The objective was to safely destroy highly-poisonous gasses emitted from dismantling weapons, bombs, hand grenades, and other munitions.  The system needed to operates on Propane and be transported easily from location to location, as needed.

The Solution

Epcon has engineering expertise utilizing our proprietary design approach to Direct Fired Thermal Oxidizers, ensuring the highest possible, measurable destruction efficiency, 99.99% DRE.  In addition tbis DTFO unit was designed to be permanently mounted to a portable flatbed tailor.

The Results

The mobile unit not only gives the facility the flexibility they need, but the self contained propane driven unit is also convenient and simple to use.

The DTFO’s allow the for the safe destruction of all VOCs and HAPs in the remediation process.

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