High Efficiency Matt Curing and Carpet Shrinking Oven​

Project No 1083

High Efficiency Mat Curing and Carpet Shrinking Oven

The Challenge

A carpet manufacturer needed a solution that would provide floor mat curing and necessary carpet shrinking process.  The mat curing process requires operating at a higher temperature while the carpet shrinking process requires a lower temperature.

The Solution

Epcon®  came up with a solution to do both processes within the same Oven. This Oven was designed as a 2- Zone System with top and bottom hot air supply plenums (above and below mat and carpet processing) and being a High-Efficiency Oven, it is capable of producing large quantities of floor mats and carpet shrinking.

This one of a kind design can operate at different temperatures (top and bottom hot air supply plenums), within the same zone. Differential temperatures (top vs. bottom) are achieved by using unique modulating fresh air inlet dampers.

The Results

Because of this distinctive design, both processes work simultaneously. This unique operating capability has advantage on all other Ovens previously designed by Epcon ®.  We have assisted many manufacturing facilities by engineering and manufacturing custom products for their specific process and needs. This allows us to not only optimize your productivity, but also increase your energy efficiency.

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