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Epcon Industrial systems recently shipped their patented process heating system referred as “Thermal De-Oiler” to a major HVAC equipment supplier. The integrated system consisted of a Processing Oven to clean the residual oil present in the HVAC coils, combined with an Air Pollution Control system “Thermal Oxidizer” to destruct solvents evaporated during thermal cleaning process. The Processing Oven features a Dual Lane Conveyor system with precision lane adjustment mechanism, and unique air distribution nozzles arrangement to offer high and low-pressure air impingement over specific areas of the HVAC coil. The combination of a higher recirculation rate and turbulence in the Oven processing chamber allowed the end user to achieve proper cleaning of parts in shorter time.

The unique design of the integrated Oven-Oxidizer system offered a highly energy efficient solution by using Air Pollution Control equipment as a heat source to Processing Oven. The Recuperative-style Thermal Oxidizer with primary and secondary heat recovery arrangement were utilized to design a “Burner-less” Oven configuration by recovering waste heat generated in the Oxidizer.

The optimized system configuration resulted into energy savings of 5.5 MMBTU per hour, which equated to approximately $125,000 per year, a much higher ROI than anticipated. This patented method of coupling the Heat Processing systems and Air Pollution Control systems is a prime example of how thermal engineering can create value through efficiency.